Monday, October 23, 2006

A group of friends where I called family of mine

Last Friday night, its Ivan birthday, happy birthday Ivan. Our cell group has a small surprise party for him. Before that, there is another celebration for him too on Thursday night. The pictures that attached is what happened on last Thursday.He has a small cute cheese cake and we have a wonderful time being together.
Later on, our cell group also bought him an American chocolate cake.
We took some crazy picture then we had our dinner in KFC. It’s weird to celebrate people birthday in KFC because that reminds us when we were back in our hometown where we don’t have many choices to make about where to dine-in, and we end up celebrating in KFC. Well, normally KL will not have such a problem for us to find places to celebrate people’s birthday but as for Ivan, he is a special one.

We have wonderful time in KFC. The photos shows the reaction of every one of them when they eat KFC. Start with the birthday boy, a guy that I love to be with. From his reaction, we can tell that it means, “KFC!!! I like it man”. Follow up with a dear friend of mine (Danny) who care for me a lot and I care for him a lot too. His reaction can tell us that, “Man, the KFC new one is so spicy that I barely catch my breath”. Theordo is the one that stare at nothing while he keeps on chewing his stuff in his mouth. He is a funny guy that bring us many laughter although he is a foreigner among us (which means he is from other cell group)

As for Ah Hon, he gets crazy when come to chicken so, he just bites his chicken while I took this photo. Hihihihihi…. The next one is me. Well, I am always the normal one. Hahaha…that love KFC and loves being with the people that I love. My dear cell leader, I love her a lot. She is so cute and you can tell from the picture. When I said that I want to take picture, she covers up her face with two fingers and yet, I still show it in my space. Denise, this girl freak out when she saw Danny took a lot of KFC. She is always a small kid in Ivan’s perspective. Hahahaha….

Chee Leong, a funny guy with many facial expression and can make the whole cell group alive. He is cool. I guess, from his face he wants to tell us that, “Hey, don’t you dare take my KFC I tell you”. Siew May, she is pretty and caring. She will smile very automatically when the camera is pointing at her. So, she just smile while she is drinking.

Oh no…I’ve left Pui Yee and Winny picture. Sorry dear… Will replace it back to both of you when we go KFC again. Ok? Pui Yee is adorable. A wonderful friend that will always love and support each other. Winny is a cool girl that came from Indonesia. She’ll be going back to Indonesia soon. For sure, I’ll miss her a lot. She can play and joke with me crazily while people around us thought that we are discussing serious stuff.

A gang of friend that I called them my family. Hanging around with them makes me feel warm. Each of them bring a lot of laughter, color up my life and support me when my life is full of storm and thunder. I love every one of them a lot and I do appreciate every one of them. All these while, I knew that friends are very important but I never truly understand it. I mean, literally I know they are very important but my heart seems don’t really understand it. But now, after things that happened in my life, I started to see things differently, view matters in different perspective and love people around me sincerely and truly.

Life is full of trials and struggle. I’ve move on with my life trying and learning not to look back and regret. I will still look back to remind myself to be a better person today and even better the day after today. Life is wonderful again when you wake up from a nightmare. Life is fantastic again when we choose to let go and get help. I am happy again for being who I am and getting to know more people around me. To love and accept them as whom they are and have fun together. Thank you for your support and prayer. Thank you for loving and caring me. It’s priceless. I love you guys.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Satisfy easily?

On Tuesday night, my dear housemate bought me a belt out of no reason. And out of no reason, I was so happy about my new belt. All these while, I really need a belt because my pants are getting loose and a few steps I walked, I have to pull my pant up then a few steps I walked, I’ll do that again. It’s annoying. I really need a belt but unfortunately, this month for my financially budget is over my expectation. Without any idea, I have to save up a bit in order for me to manage to go through until end of this month.

I started to ask myself. Am I that easy to satisfy? Only one new belt that bought by my housemate, can make my whole night brighter. Easy to satisfy, good thing or bad thing?

Human being sometimes can be satisfied easily and sometimes it’s difficult to meet the needs. It’s also back to the definition of satisfy that everyone has in their dictionary. People will always says, satisfy easily will get happiness. Some people says, satisfy too easily will have no standard or requirement for living. After all, it’s all in the mind. It’s actually a mind game. If God is in control, then lets play this game with full of faith and trust in Him. It’s a fun game.

Friday, October 13, 2006

No regret

Just now, I drop by my friend blog and read about his thought. He was talking about happiness and regret. It make me pause a while and think. What he mention in his blog is kind of depressing but it’s the fact. Well, the truth always hurt if you notice it. Most of the time, we choose to listen to something good but that “something good” doesn’t mean it’s true. It just end up that, the truth always hurt. Every time I have a discussion with my housemate, when she don’t agree with my perspective, she will said, she speak the truth with love. Arghh….

These words of his makes me think and I’d thought a lot. Is there anything that I regret of not doing it or had done it? Did I act like an adult when I was just a youth? Or did I act like a kid when I suppose to think like a mature lady? Hmm…. questioning around.

While I keep on wondering, I thought about this dear friend of mine. He studied in Johor, a part time insurance agent and he is a faithful servant of God. When I knew that, I was like….. huh? I have no idea how he do it. He has to maintain his result to be good, serve God in his church (every weekend), part time promoting his stuff (maybe he do his part time job when he is free) and last time, he had to spend time with his girlfriend (now, I think he don’t need to do that) and still have some time to chat with me. Wow…. He is good. [*Freeze awhile and think] Ya, he is good.

When I reflect his life to mine, I felt bad. Let me count my day. Weekdays, from morning to afternoon I’ve been reserved by my company. Monday night, I went to Stephen Tong, Tuesday night… worship practice, Wednesday night…. Prayer meeting, Thursday night…sometimes I watch movie, read books, chat online or accompany my housemate. Followed by Friday night, cell group or cell group activities, Saturday night…service and Sunday night, alpha course. Hmm…actually, I’m still available on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and afternoon. Well, honestly speaking, Sunday I will sleep until very late. From there, I lost Sunday morning. As for Saturday noon, the time passes very fast on Saturday. If I have any spare time, normally I will go out to have fun or fellowship with my church friends. I like to hang around with them. It’s comfortable. So, that’s it. My life….

After compare his life and mine, I think I have to go home and sit myself down to reschedule my time plus social time. I should learn more things so that I can get more knowledge and when I talked to him, we got stuff to chat with. Wait, we do have a lot to chat with right now. Never mind.

I have to really think stuff up so that I won’t regret. I’m 22 this year, I should do what a 22 years old girl been doing. Hmm…what a 22 years old girl normally do then?

Monday, October 02, 2006


Going to friends wedding is always a joy. Witnessing them to getting marry and they start a new story together. It’s such an enjoyment and there are tears of joy in people eyes. When I sit there and witnessing their wedding, I felt so touch. Two persons came from different background, different lifestyle, and different culture and with the grace of God; they able to love each other and spend the rest of their life together till death do them apart. Love is always a great thing, a wonderful thing and a beautiful thing.

Love can tear people’s life apart and can join them back together again. Sometimes, love can be ridiculous but faith, hope and love, the greatest is love. Without love, no matter how good the things we do, it will still have emptiness in us. Love…. This word really tears me apart. But I know God will make me whole ones again. Lord, filled me with you love ones again. For only your love can make us satisfy.