Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Judge too fast?

Human nature, judgmental spirit. Who are we to judge? Unfortunately, that is what comes automatically when we failed to control it ourselves. Not only that we will judge through first impression, we will judge when things doesn’t goes the way we’ve planned, or when things doesn’t go on what we’ve expected. Even a short conversation a gang of peoples has could occur unnecessary judgments.

What’s wrong with people? Why must we judge and jump into conclusion so fast without understanding the whole story and without giving some chances for someone to explain? Is it fair? How nice it would be if everyone willing to wear peoples shoes and walk their pain and understand their feeling.

There is an incident when I realize I judged too fast. I didn’t even notice it until Danny asked me, why you judge him? Then I start giving excuses and try to blame whatever I can or try to pull him over to stand on my side so that he’ll agree with me. Well, that never really works because normally, his stands are quite strong. So, I end up apologizing for being a judgmental person.

From that incident, I realize how fast I can judge one person without even pass through my mind. It’s just like a pain reflected. I see how wicked is my sinful nature and how weak am I. May God forgive me and give me His wisdom to walk with Him everyday of my life.

Are you judging people around you too fast too that cause them have no space to improve? Why not stop and give them a chance to explain and to understand before any judgmental words come out from your mouth?

My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.
James 1: 19-20

**Judgmental spirit, human nature**


Most of the girls will have the same hatred when it comes to PMS that is the swinging of emotion. Emotions swing like crazy and with no reason, weight gain, pimples, stress, craving for something sweet and swelling of breast. Out of the sudden, there could be tears dropping down your cheek or when you watch comedy, you laugh until you cry.

I hate it so much too that I have to face it every month. My boss would said that, don’t take it as an excuses. Well, I do agree it anyhow but sometimes it really driving me crazy.

Like just now, I am kind of down when Danny open the door and said goodbye to me and then the door closed. At that moment, I am down and hope that he will open the door again but I know it will not happen. On the next moment, when I sit down in front of the pc and start to play games or do my work, I feel better. In fact, I’m glad to be alone because I can do things that are pending for months. So, you can see how fast my emotion can change and how swing it can go.

At the same time, I can cry and then I wipe all my tears away and said I’m ok. Hmm…. I am considering, am I still normal?

Some people will agree that emotion can control. As long as you want to control it, everything also can be controlled. How true is this statement? Basically, I do have the same point of view saying that we can control our emotion as long as your will is strong enough to control it. The problem is how many people will want to control it? Media will teach us to go with our heart and feelings. But how true is your heart and feeling? Could it cheat you? Maybe it’s fake…

Anyhow, I should be lying down now. Or else, I really get a more swing feelings than today.

**Feeling? How true it can goes?**

Monday, August 27, 2007

Fruitful weekend

Sometimes, people will forget how they should feel, especially for me, this kind of forgetful person.

I’ve forgotten how it feels when my love one gives me a gift out of sudden. Forgot how it feels when I’ll meet my parents soon after a long period of missing them and not seeing them. Forgot how it feels when people rebuke me in front of my face about how wrong and how pride is I. Forgot how much God loved me and how big is His grace for me. Forgot the feeling of relief after a cry and there is someone there to hug me when I shed my tears. Sometimes, I get blur all the way and not consider much about feelings and emotions. And I’ve forgotten how fast time flies and how much time I’ve wasted. But no matter how much I neglect feeling and emotion, they are still in me that cause me think much and doubt more. May God have mercy on me.

Last weekend, I get to experience it all again. I get to feel how it feels when someone showed the ugliest of my nature, how much God has forgave me and always give a another changes, how much God love me and how wonderful in His grace. How foolish am I when I thought that I did everything with my own strength.

I also experience how grateful and joyful am I when I get a small gift from the person that I matter and love so much out of expectation and out of the blue. An excited heart to meet my parents soon, a wonderful sermon by pastor to remind me how much my friends has helped me when I was down and how important are they and a great time to have fellowship with them. I have a fantastic time with friends that I don’t get to see every week and great time also with friends that I get to see everyday week. A short weekend but a fruitful weekend that I get back what I suppose to feel in certain moment of life.

**Feel good when the weekend is fruitful**

Thursday, August 23, 2007

No word

Sometimes, the more you try to find topic to update in your blog, the more you couldn’t dig one topic from your mind.

I able to dig a few but every time I start to write it into words, I get stuck after a few minute. I guess I have to start read and read tons of books to get feelings into word and to get word out of my mind and heart.

Recently, I’ve been busy with working life and church ministry. Wait a minute… I always busy with works and serving. Work never ends until you retired, serving God never finished until you meet Him face to face. Overall, it’s a busy day, busy month and busy year. No matter how busy I am, I will always try to remind myself to spend time with people around me. To freeze for a while just to focus back what life really matter and what life is all about. Is it only about busyness? Only about love? Only about getting things done? It’s good to freeze yourself from time just to find out what really happen inside you.

**No word **

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Some people have a lot of patient in waiting for certain people or certain thing or even certain answer. On the other side, some people will get frustrated easily ones you require him/her to wait for certain things for one minute.

Last Monday, I have this opportunity to taste it on my own. I have to wait for Danny phone until late at night. One’s he called me, I was like…at last…you called. He asked me, why you sound so happy and excited in this hour? Normally, you will so feel exhausted. Today you sound glad. I answered him, “I have no idea. Maybe after a long wait, lastly my effort is not wasted.”

As I thought back about the situation I realize that all the while, God has been faithfully waiting for us to talk to Him everyday of our life. Everyday, God waited patiently, faithfully. When we just spare 5 or 10 minutes to talk to Him, there will be a smile on His face.

After a long wait, we manage to chat for 10 to 15 minutes only. Although it’s just a short period of time, but both of us are happy. I believe that if everyday, we willing to spend some time with God, God will be so happy.

In this incident, he reminds me how He feels when He waits for me everyday to update Him. Although a short period of time, He will feel happy.

**God is faithful**