Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy for them

Today I got a news whereby I think that I never want to know this news and I am afraid of what I will react to it when I know it. Today, an old friend of mine telling me the news that I never want to know. Well, not to said never want to know coz at the end of the days, I will still know but I rather not to know, like what I said, I don't know how will I feel and what will I react.

I go through the thought of how will I react when I get to know it. Maybe I'll get shock and not saying a word. Or maybe I will get very angry. Or maybe I will get back the same old hurt that kept haunting me when I thought I am ok with it.

Until today, I realize that I am ok. Ok with the news and not only ok but I am happy for them. It's kinda weird for me to realize that I am really that ok with it. I think and think, am I really ok? Then I relax myself to think again. I am ok and sincerely felt happy for him. I've lost count the days we separated after I focus on the moving on life. I guess when I count back, it's been 2 years plus. (I have to ask my best friend to double confirm the year… I guess I really forgot about it).

Some people will say that memories are the hardest thing you want to forget. Well, I will say, it's up to you to want to let it go and choose to forget or not. After all, it's your choice. It took me quite sometime to slowly let the memories fade away. I won't said that I forgot the pain but I am proud of myself that I almost forgot every important moment that we had and create new memories for my life now. I guess busy life do help. Other than trying hard to maintain the long distance relationship, I tried to settle down my emotions and lifestyle here. With those help, I almost forgot things what we used to have but to focus on what I am having now and trying to work things out.

2 years…. Wow… Now I realize that I really seldom think about him. Today's news leads me to think again about him. Not really about him that him but about me handling the past. I can say that I am fine, happy for them and I know what the best is for me now. I am happy with the decision that he made in the past although lots of pain and tears but those days lead me stronger and closer to God. Not only so, but I found the one I ever want, I ever prayed and I ever dreamed of. Till then, my journey with him ends without my realization.

** Happy for them **

Friday, October 24, 2008

Today better than yesterday

It is always a joy when you able to travel and able to be with someone that you love dearly. After a long countdown and lots of waiting, I able to have a few days off my body from Sabah and to be with him. It was a great joy and I laugh a lot. I have so much fun to be there. I adapted to the place and streets fast, I smile for every small little thing, I can find whatever types of fresh fruits there, I really like to be with him. Even though I didn’t manage to stick to my own plan and get sick the third day I reached, but I still laugh more than I used to.

After came back from a short holiday, I feel weird. Not only weird but terrible. I miss him like crazy. It's like I left half of my soul there. I can only pray that today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. I wish time can pass faster when I am alone and slower when we are together.

** Tomorrow better than today **

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's been a while now

It's been a while now that I stop writing my thought. It been a while now that I started to think about serious diet due to the fear of my friends and family cannot recognize me and it's been a while now that I started to stay alone to think about stuff and reasons.

Life has been a stable routine now. It’s calm and peaceful. I kinda enjoy the moment like this. But I know it will end soon with the pack schedule of Christmas season is coming and lots of training and meetings preparation. I guess, to stop myself for awhile it's not a bad idea after all.

4 more days… Personally, I am very excited and happy about this 4 more days. It's been 5 months now that I am in long distance relationship. I won't say that we scored excellent marks in the previous months but I can say that we did put lots of effort to make things work. It's never easy for both of us. I guess it will be tougher with the pack schedule and the heavy responsibilities that both of us are taking. Hope is always in front of us. God is always in control.

So, ya… it's been a while now that I didn't see him and I am very excited to meet him in another 4 more days.

** It's been a while now**

Friday, October 10, 2008

Today's lesson

He who cannot forgive others burns the bridge over which he himself must pass

**Interesting... **

Sunday, October 05, 2008

The holidays

On the first day of Raya, I went to Pulau Manukan and Pulau Mamutik. I have fun to enjoy God's creation and a relaxing time to stay away from work and my room.
On the second day of Raya, i went to Tanjung Aru with the English zone staff to enjoy the time of being together. Thank God for a beautiful weather and also the relaxing time. Other than a relaxing time, I got sun burn. Until today, I still suffer from that sun burn.
So, this is it… two days of holiday in the beach.

** The Holidays **