Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dream gown vs reality gown?

Hmm… I always hope to find something very simple and nice. Such as this one...The next question is, do I look nice in it?
Will I look like a ball in it?

** Still searching for the one **

Monday, July 25, 2011

Start counting

Clock starts ticking and I start counting. At last, we have manage to get the date confirmed and we can start to work on things such as purchasing air tickets, informing friends that are so far away and start to seriously think about booking venue and what meals to provide.

Things started with great excitement with big faith. In our lifetime, this is one of the seasons where we will wait and see God’s provision and His faithfulness to fulfill what He has promised. It’s our honor and joy to wait and see His great and mighty hand upon this preparation. Be encouraged Jenny Liau…

** Counting down, 10 months **

Saturday, July 09, 2011

2011 Family Trip + Cousin Wedding + Meeting the future in-laws

On the 1st – 8th July, my mom, dad, aunt and me went to KL to meet up with my sis for another family trip. We plan this initially to attend my cousin’s wedding dinner and a trip after that. This trip is lovely… We all have great times with one another, my sister and I have great time with our cousin and his newly wife and my mom, dad, and aunt have great times with another aunt (my cousin’s mom) and we love the fellowship. It’s a great getting together. Of course, we all miss my brother because he couldn’t join us. After that, our family trip continues to Genting and we all have a great time there also. The laugh, the cold, the walk, the tiredness, the quarrelling… That’s what family do.After Genting, we went back to KL and do our shopping there. The last night of the trip, my family and I manage to meet up with the future in-laws and the dinner was great. It’s not as bad as I imagined it and God is good. He is in the midst. The whole trip was really beautiful with lots of highlights. My phone didn’t ring much, not many work to follow up, not many emails, though get lost at nowhere but we enjoy the trip, I witness my future mother in-law’s baptism, Danny was around, many blessings from the Lord, reasonable price on the expenses that we spend, able to meet up with my best friend, got motivated to diet, it’s relaxing, it’s nice and I able to recharge. With such a nice and lovely 8 days holiday, my heart felt so heavy to come back knowing all the works that I need to follow up, all the things that waiting for my return, missing my family…. Coming back to reality feels painful.

However, holding to God’s promise that He has a plans for me. A plan that gives hope and a future, I came back with hope and trust in the Lord. Another things that I look forward to come back is to plan my future with Danny. With less than one year, we will start a new chapter of our life together. That is kinda excite me a bit and hopes that everything will goes smoothly as God gave us the green light.

** Looking forward **