Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Freak out…

Sometimes in the middle of work, I will stunt for awhile and it feels like my heart has stop beating awhile and started to find myself catching for breath. It do freaks me out a bit when time pass so fast and I feel like I am catching up with time.

Exactly 4 more months from now will be our big day and seems like still a lot to prepare. I am not slim enough, skin not good enough, work is starting to pile up as well and the calendar date is filling up. I have not got my gown, have not talk to the florist, have not find the caterer, have not reserve hotel, have not got confirm of some of the small small things. Oh dear…. May God be my help.

Happy New Year again by the way… Glad that it’s a new year, new start, new resolution and hopefully, new chapter of my life.

** Freak me out a little bit **