Sunday, December 31, 2006

The last day of 2006

Today is the last day of 2006. I am so excited for 2007. It’s gonna be excited and challenging. I think it will be tougher than 2006 but I am not afraid.

Looking back year 2006, flashing back all the memories of good and bad, there is only one word I can say that is Thank you. I thank God for His grace and mercy because His grace and mercy are new every morning. Thank God for his love. Thank you to all my fellow friends and family member that are with me most of the time to love and accept me as who I am in rainy, thunder, stormy or sunny days. Thank God for big bump and tunnel in my life to craft me as whom I am today.

Good or bad, time flies. Sweet or bitter, it’s already one year. I’ll miss 2006. I’ll look forward to 2007 as well.

In 2006, there are quite a few numbers of 2006 year resolutions that I achieve and I experience difference kinds of breakthrough. From a girl that don’t know much thing become a girl that long for God’s heart. A girl that hate to social much become a girl that comes back to her house just for a quick bath and rushing out again. A girl that fears water and fear of driving, turns to someone that wish to swim everyday and drive cars like mad dog in the highway. A girl that scared the most to lost her love one, become a girl that willing to surrender everything to God. A girl that don’t know how to care and love people around her become someone that love people around her and matter the most for her.

This year, really turn me upside down and turn me back again. When I read back my blog, I realize that God is always good. God is always with me…what else again matter when he is with me?

Goodbye 2006, you bring me many memories and Hello 2007~~~

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas is fun

On Christmas day, early morning I woke up and took a bath. Get myself prepared to church morning Christmas service, with my new hair clip, and an excited heart because it’s my most love birthday.

Reach church together with my friends, have a powerful prayer meeting and the service started. Everyone seems happy, everyone feels excited with their new cloths and a happy face.

Before the service ended, we went around shaking hands and greet everyone merry Christmas. Later on, I went around taking pictures because it’s Christmas.

We took our Christmas lunch in Jordon café. After the Christmas lunch, Grace and me went to Pyramid and grab some vegetables to prepare for the Christmas dinner. After everything done in Pyramid, we went to our boss house to get ready for the Christmas dinner.

* I would like to help, but I felt asleep. :P

Christmas dinner is prepared; dinner is now ready to serve. Everyone busy cuts the lamb, enjoying his or her meal that serve with red wine. Without much consideration, I drank a few cups of red wine that cause me little bit dizzy, little bit drunk, talk non-sense and laugh without any reason. It feels good and fun.

* Now I know why heart broken people like to get themselves drunk. Well, I like to get myself drunk too, but drunk in the love of God.

That’s my Christmas day but most important is that, Christmas reminds me how blessed am I, how beautiful this day can be, how great is God and I am not alone. I thought I’ll spend Christmas alone, have a lonely little Christmas all by myself and poor in heart but I was wrong… because there is Christmas, that’s why I won’t be alone.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. It’s Christmas day….a day that many people would celebrate it together and a day that many people will look forward too. I personally like Christmas so much. It reminds me how special am I and how wonderful God is. Without Jesus, we won’t have Christmas, without Christmas, I won’t be who I am now. Lord, your salvation is priceless…. Nothing can compare with it and it’s the best gift from You. Thank you Lord.

In this special day, it’s just nice to be with people that you love, to enjoy and spend this excitement day with them. It’s Christmas…. Merry Christmas!!!~~~~

Friday, December 22, 2006

The busy days

After a long wait, I have one hour to spend here. Life has been so busy lately. Let me see, after the last post regarding my stress going to the camp….

So, I went to the camp for one week. After the camp, came back with a busy schedule. From 3rd till 9th of Dec, I was in the camp. 10th came back from KK, our flight delay and we have to travel 2am, reached KL 5am. Some more have to wait until 6am in order for us to get a cab which won’t charge us double price. Reached Sunway, 7.15am and they have to prepare to practice for the worship, prepare for service while I slept in another room because of terrible headache that I never had in all of my life. That was really an awful headache. I think I had that bad headache because I didn’t rest much for the whole week. After 2 hour slept, I woke up and went to service. After service, get myself some rest at home. Monday, I went to Stephen Tong sermon, Tuesday, like normal Tuesday that is worship practice. After the practice, we had a small birthday celebration for my dancer/good friend. Happy birthday beloved…May God continue to love you and guide you through everything.

Wednesday I went to planet shaker conference and accompany a dear friend of mine for the reason that it’s his birthday. Happy birthday dear!!~~ May God keep you strong and handsome to love and serve him faithfully.

Thursday….where I spend my Thursday….Oh ya, I went to church to help out with them with their dance choreograph. This Thursday (14/12/06) it’s also another special day for a dear friend of mine… Blessed birthday dear…May God give you joyful life!!~~

*So, it means that I have 3 precious friend that celebrate their birth in continues day.

Friday, cell group…Saturday service, Sunday we had Christmas party. Wow, that was my last week. I am busy…. On 18th December (Monday), I planned to take that day for my blog, but because my emotion unstable, a friend of mine said he willing to come and keep me company.

*How kind is he…. So touch. :*)

So, we spend the night learning guitar and giving me stress. Tuesday, worship practice again and Wednesday, me and my darling have quality time together. We went out for a fine dining and have a fantastic conversation. Up to today, Thursday…I just came back from shopping mall where I company my housemate to shop things for her niece.

Wow, it’s not easy to drop everything things in my blog. Today’s title looks like an “ABC” soup. Everything was in it and I try to update what had happen in past two/three weeks.

Back to the camp….
These are the pictures of us in LCCT, preparing to KK!!~~

And while we were up in the sky.... God is marvelous.

When we reach there, we went to All Saint catheral service and follow up walking around KK.

The next day, we prepare to practice. Let me introduce you our team:

And while we practising, we have serious fun together...

During the camp, i wasn't allowed to take picture. So, i just got some picture when girls are having fun together in girls room.

The camp itself provide one night concert plus buffet.

After the camp, i have some time to took picture around and it's the last night of the camp.

Overall, we enjoy it a lot. It was an exhausted camp. Most of us have to get up so early around 6am but went to bed late around 1 or 2 am. This is truly a tired camp. Nonetheless, most of us enjoy and learn something throughout this trip. I personally learn how to be a servant instead of being served by other people. We really go there to serve. We pray for people, minister to them, help out in their games, trying to be a good example and lead worship. I learn to humble myself and serve like a servant. From this trip, I can imagine how my life will be if I choose the road that I want. It do question me, am I prepared? Am I ready? Well, I guess I have prepared and I’m ready.