Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flashing Back..

It has been a great year
A year of breakthrough in diet
A year of laughter
A year of bearing fruits
A year of love
A year of preparation for marriage
A year of teaching
A year of learning to be strong
A year of trusting God is in control
A year of building up the dance team
A year of changing from youth to children ministry
A year of cooking and eating at home
A year of getting a green light from God
A year of loving babies around me
A year of gaining lots of weight and losing them
A year of travelling around Malaysia2012
Will be a year of faith
Will be a year believing God will provide
Will be a year of overflowing blessing
Will be a year of testifying God’s faithfulness and greatness
Will be a year of laughter and joy
Will be a year of 2 becoming 1
Will be a year of recruiting
Will be a year of travelling out of Malaysia
Will be a year of starting new lifestyle
Will be a year of continuous diet
Will be a year of prayer

** Excited for what is coming up **

End of the year

This is the 4th year that I celebrate Christmas in All Saints’ Cathedral. This year Christmas was wonderful. I thank God that with His grace, the dance team is so much stronger with the limited practices and time that we have. With a few steps of guidance, they able to choreograph and perform such a beautiful dance… I am very glad… All glory be to God.

Other than Christmas Eve event, I am grateful also that this is the second year we spent Christmas together and more to come. Of course this also the last year that we spend it as single and next year, we will be spending Christmas as a newly married couple.

With God’s blessing, we went to have a beautiful and tasty buffer lunch at Lee Meridien Hotel. It gave us a glimpse of honeymoon feel. Hehehe…

After that, our staff have a short retreat to Manukan Island. Though the island is not as pretty as Mataking and it’s like no way to compare to Mataking, we also enjoy the time there.

I guess that’s a good way to end our 2011 with lots of happening stuff in these two months.

** End of the year **

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas...

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas... Thank you Jesus for coming to this world 2000 years ago. Because of your willingness, i can be who i am today.

** My last year Christmas as single lady **

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A prayer...

Dear God,

There are a few places that I wish to travel and go and see before I meet you in Heaven.

1. London
2. Paris
3. Australia
4. Hong Kong
5. Singapore
6. Maldives
7. New Zealand

I think that’s it for now… I pray that I able to travel there to do your work and to enjoy your beauty creation with my husband.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

** Travelling list **

Monday, December 19, 2011

It’s been a month of wedding, retreats and lots of practices

The madness started a week before children worship conference… Everyone was busy practicing and giving the best to children worship conference and praying the hardest so that the children able to encounter God.

After that, Danny & I went to our dearly best friend wedding… I was a beautiful wedding… Everything was perfect...

Soon after the wedding in KL, we have a short break to search for the right ring, get whatever stuff that we need, spent some time at home and spent some time with our friends..

Came back to KK and the next day, we proceed to Kokol for English Staff Retreat & Planning for next year. It was a great break. We have some time doing nothing, laugh, play and plan ahead for next year.

Back to KK again and I have to prepare myself to Kokol again to support the Clergy wives retreat. I have a great time there as well. Being refreshed in spiritual, mental and emotional… Refocus my direction and purpose of life and continue to pursue on. Make some friends, learn more about marriage and parenting. Laugh non-stop and also learn some cooking skill.

By the time I got back down to KK, Christmas is just two weeks away and I have to start with Christmas practices. So, this two weeks, has been going out to practices, carolling, gaya street and shopping for some Christmas gifts.

Overall, I have a great time away and coming back. Excited and nervous for next year… And sometimes, I got a shock by realising I only have 4 more months to go. So, that’s the latest update me….

** CWC - Wedding - Retreats - Christmas **

Saturday, December 03, 2011

The day has come...

Very happy for both of them...

May the Lord bless their marriage as they start a new journey together.

** 26th November 2011 **

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Quiet time

Quiet yourself to listen to your thoughts
Quiet your thoughts to listen to your heartbeat
Quiet your heartbeat to listen to your spirit
Quiet your spirit to listen to His spirit

** Quiet time **

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Lord... I am exhausted....
I am exhausted...

** Help me, God **

Friday, October 14, 2011

The one?

The one is really hard to choose. Which one?

This one?
Or this one?
Maybe this?
I LOVES this....
And this too.....

Oh man... Which one?

** The one? **

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Office attire

Recently, our office has appointed one pastor to be the fashion coordinator. Her job is basically informing us what we should wear to work and what we should not and also what is the standard cloth to wear as a professional worker.

So, this does give some of us some headache. Therefore, I shall start getting a shopping checklist to change some of my cloth inside my wardrobe.

Checklist No 1:
I should get a white shirt. I think I look pro in a white shirt… Or maybe, that’s the standard professional dress code.

Checklist No 2:
Perhaps I will consider a formal dress

Checklist No 3:
I think lady in vest is really nice… I am thinking to get one if I can find a nice one

Checklist No 4:
I should really get a belt..

Checklist No 5:
Perhaps a formal skirt/pant…

I think so far, this is enough… So, prayerfully the Lord will provide..

** Office attire **

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Guide your heart

The human heart is the vital organ that pumps blood and oxygenates your body. When it doesn’t function properly, your body doesn’t function properly. Doctors encourage exercise and a nutritious diet to keep your heart fit and healthy. In the Bible, the heart is also considered the center of thought and feeling. It is so important that God cautions you to guard it above all else, because your heart filters everything that happens and clogged with all kinds of foulness that settles inside-bitterness, rage, impure thoughts. A dirty heart can no longer tell the good from the harmful and allows hurt and heartache to enter. When you keep your heart pure and clean, it can block the toxins of sinful desires and thought that threaten your spiritual health.

Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.
1 John 5:21

** Guard my heart **

Friday, September 30, 2011


Some people are born slim and some are born with slightly more flesh because of their parents genes. I somehow are the one that with more flesh. Not fair, right? Since I was a little girl, I was kinda round in size. When I reach teenager time, my weight started to drop and I have joined the ‘M’ size category but after teenager period, my weight grown back.

Slimming down is always the struggle for me and it is so DIFFICULT. I have to control whatever that goes into my stomach and the controlling and disciplining part is so hard. Therefore, I always gave up half way when I see no instant result or when there is some result, I use eating to celebrate the ‘success’.

Anyhow, from July until now, I have so called ‘successfully’ control my eating and I have seen result with lots and lots of aerobic. So, I would like to record this down to encourage myself that I can do this… I have not reached my goal yet and I am still trying.

I thank God that he answered prayer and with God along in this whole dieting program, it is just a nice and beautiful. It’s not as difficult as I thought as I started to eat less sweet and it slowly changed my taste of food.

With the encouragement around helps a lot also and with a ‘dietitian’ fiancée.

One more month to go and prayerfully, I can make it and reach my goal.

** Counting down 30 days **

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dream girl…

A random conversation….

Me: How slim do you think I have to get?
Him: Erm… Like this is good enough…
Me: Like this? Like not enough la..
Him: Enough lo…
Me: Then how slim is your dream girl?
Him: My dream girl is you lo…
Me: Huh?
Him: Ya

After that…

Me: No matter I fat or thin, you can also accept it?
Him: Ya..
Me: So, when I slim down, does that matter to you?
Him: Erm… As long as you are happy. What matters to you, matters to me.
Me: Awww…. I found the best husband...

** Dream girl **

Saturday, September 03, 2011

4 years ago..

On 7th July 2007, a sms sent to me saying;

Every day, I have to choose too… I also choose to love you with all I can. Many weaknesses that you need to bear with me. Simple truth, you’ve already live longer than me, means you had already learned more things than I am. Plus, you become Christian earlier than me, you’ve been guided by God more than me.

One day, I will over pass you… When I achieve that, be prepare to be my wife…

** He kept his promised **

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Some people doubt if I can make it... To be very honest, I also doubt whether I can make it or not for just another 3 months time.

Anyway, I shall try my very best and see how far I can go and how much I can be stretch … With God’s grace, prayerfully my self-control is stronger than I thought.

** Finger crossed **

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dieting / fitness

Recently, I’ve been reading and studying about diet, exercise, fitness, metabolism and calories a lot. Like really a lot… Well, all these start from my lovely best friend bought me a dress and I couldn’t fit into it, neither can I zip it. Of course, that gave me a target and a goal as well as motivation.

To express my love towards her and to appreciate her lovely effort and not to waste money, I have to get myself into that dress. So, the whole studies come and my fiancée as a dietitian (but I don’t feel he did much)…

Anyway, this whole thing is not easy. I have to be very conscious with what goes into my mouth, the portion that I took, and the calories that I eat. Oh man…

What motivates me is the measurement of my body record. I measure my body and record it down with date. So, after some time, I measure again. Seeing the decreasing record, I feel so proud of myself. Fingers crossed and hope that I can continue to endure until I reach the certain target.

** Surely you can do it, Jenny Liau **

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Day Off

Yesterday was a great day. I manage to spend my day off with my man and we manage to do some research for our coming big event. Haven’t really decide on anything yet but we’re getting stuff from all over KK.

After that, we spend some quiet time in Starbucks. With my man, a blueberry cheese cake, a cup of venti Dark Mocha and my ipod… Ahhh… Satisfy day off… Relaxed…

** Starbucks with my man **

Monday, August 22, 2011

Finally…After 3 weeks

Yes… Finally we get to have a proper meal together after his busy studies for three weeks. So, we sort of have a tiny feast to celebrate his freedom from class and my back to cook lifestyle.

Ta da….He enjoy the his favourite meal, I enjoy the cook.

** Enjoy the time together **

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Body shape…

To follow up with the past post, I am still searching for the right gown, the right ‘one’ that able to make me look slim, elegant, beautiful and if can… perfect.

In order to get that result, I have to do some homework. So, I’ve been surfing online to get some idea of what I like and what might look nice on me. I did go to some wedding studio to try out some also but I still feel that I haven’t found the one.

However, I get to know more about body shape and I am pear body shape. There are a few types of body shape such as apple, rectangle, hour glass and invert triangle.

According to my research, pear body shape should wear something like this..

I did try something similar… I think maybe, I’ll get something like that..

** Pear body shape **

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lui zi…

This girl is back in town… Muahahahha… I am glad that she is back for good. She is one of my closest friends. We laugh, we cry, we quarrel, we cold war, we forgives, we move on and now we are even better.

We have really close relationship together and I can share almost everything to her. Sharing with her brings understanding, comfort, love and joy. But sometimes, we stand on our own perspective strongly. And that doesn’t bring joy…

Nevertheless, it moulds our friendship and it takes us further. We have not been together for almost 3 years because of distance but I am really glad that she is back now and we can spend some time together.

I believe that deep and strong friendship doesn’t build in one day, but it takes time. As I sat on her car and talked, then only I realised that we’d known each other for almost 7 years. That is a long time. Of course we do have cold shoulder season… But when that season is over, spring comes and flower will start to grow again.

Together with her, we shall conquer the shopping malls… Muahahahhahaha….

** Really glad that she is back ** - though Grace Li might not agree that… :P

Baby fever?

Recently, I realise that I am so into baby. They are sooooo cute and I just can’t stop staring at them. They will made all kind of cute cute expression and believe me, some baby do look cute when he/she is frustrated. I just can’t keep my eyes away from them.

You have to agree with me when you see this baby girl….


I especially loves this girl, Carmen Lim...

With this interest of mine, people around me are telling me that they think that Danny and I will have a baby soon. To be honest, I don’t feel like having a baby that early. Perhaps one or two years of honeymoon later…. Anyway, when to have a baby is up to God... After all, He is in control…

** Baby fever **

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The “perfect match”

There are a few couples that I particularly love to view their photos.

The first one is Oliver and Melissa…

I love this couple… And they got married last Saturday. The reason is because both of them are handsome and pretty and they survived a very long period of long distance relationship (if not mistaken, should be 7 years). They are an amazing and inspired couple. Even in pictures they look so into each other.

The second couple is also another handsome and pretty couple, Vincent and Siau Ting.

Both of them are in UK now and they are happily married. How I know this? From their FB album…. Hehe…

The third couple is my best friend, Grace and Michael.

This is a unique couple that never.. Yes.. Never quarrel before after like 6 years together. Unique and impress, right? I know….

The forth couple is Prince Willam and Kate.They are like fairy tales story…

Now… let’s see some TV shows couple..

I love this couple… Chandler and Monica..

Both Danny and I are fans of Friends TV show.

I also love Nathan and Haley from One Tree Hill.

The couple had been through a lot as a couple in the One Tree Hill TV show and their stories are inspiring.

May the Lord bless those lovely couple that they will be a great testimony of God in their life...

** The lovely couple **

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It’s been 1610 days..

I love us… Being together is a joy. I am grateful…

** Another 7 months to 5 years of being together **

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dream gown vs reality gown?

Hmm… I always hope to find something very simple and nice. Such as this one...The next question is, do I look nice in it?
Will I look like a ball in it?

** Still searching for the one **

Monday, July 25, 2011

Start counting

Clock starts ticking and I start counting. At last, we have manage to get the date confirmed and we can start to work on things such as purchasing air tickets, informing friends that are so far away and start to seriously think about booking venue and what meals to provide.

Things started with great excitement with big faith. In our lifetime, this is one of the seasons where we will wait and see God’s provision and His faithfulness to fulfill what He has promised. It’s our honor and joy to wait and see His great and mighty hand upon this preparation. Be encouraged Jenny Liau…

** Counting down, 10 months **

Saturday, July 09, 2011

2011 Family Trip + Cousin Wedding + Meeting the future in-laws

On the 1st – 8th July, my mom, dad, aunt and me went to KL to meet up with my sis for another family trip. We plan this initially to attend my cousin’s wedding dinner and a trip after that. This trip is lovely… We all have great times with one another, my sister and I have great time with our cousin and his newly wife and my mom, dad, and aunt have great times with another aunt (my cousin’s mom) and we love the fellowship. It’s a great getting together. Of course, we all miss my brother because he couldn’t join us. After that, our family trip continues to Genting and we all have a great time there also. The laugh, the cold, the walk, the tiredness, the quarrelling… That’s what family do.After Genting, we went back to KL and do our shopping there. The last night of the trip, my family and I manage to meet up with the future in-laws and the dinner was great. It’s not as bad as I imagined it and God is good. He is in the midst. The whole trip was really beautiful with lots of highlights. My phone didn’t ring much, not many work to follow up, not many emails, though get lost at nowhere but we enjoy the trip, I witness my future mother in-law’s baptism, Danny was around, many blessings from the Lord, reasonable price on the expenses that we spend, able to meet up with my best friend, got motivated to diet, it’s relaxing, it’s nice and I able to recharge. With such a nice and lovely 8 days holiday, my heart felt so heavy to come back knowing all the works that I need to follow up, all the things that waiting for my return, missing my family…. Coming back to reality feels painful.

However, holding to God’s promise that He has a plans for me. A plan that gives hope and a future, I came back with hope and trust in the Lord. Another things that I look forward to come back is to plan my future with Danny. With less than one year, we will start a new chapter of our life together. That is kinda excite me a bit and hopes that everything will goes smoothly as God gave us the green light.

** Looking forward **

Saturday, June 04, 2011


It has been a beautiful, wonderful, refreshing and enjoyable trip. Able to hang around together with someone dear to you without phone line and internet line was really nice… No phone ringing, no worries about work, no distraction… Just like a day in Paradise. However, coming back to reality is sad knowing that works are piling up. But the best comfort that we as a team get is that we come back to reality together as a team and we will grow stronger together believing that God is in the reality with us. As I mention in the last post that I shall take more photos and I did… Though not as many as I thought but I this is alright. Other than a beautiful trip, the Faith Revival Conference in Tawau was awesome. Witnessing God’s power with my own eyes is amazing. Feeling that coming back to KK this time with a different mindset and believe.

** May God strengthen us... **

Monday, May 16, 2011

He is a sweet man

There are numbers of people that came to me and said… Danny is so sweet. He is such a kind hearted man.

Seriously... You look at him; he does looks cute and sweet…

I am glad that I am in love with him. He is indeed a nice and funny guy. He has a beautiful and big heart. His compassion for the needy is amazing. I am grateful that he bears and loves the both sides of me, the ugly and the pretty. The wonderful part about him is that, in times of difficulties, he never gives up in us and he walks with me and be patient with me.

How can I not thank God for such a great man from Him… I am glad that we are looking forward for the day that we will say, 'I will' in front of God.

** I have a great man from above **

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time ticking...

Oh dear… It’s mid of May already and without realization, half year has just gone. Time ticking and works are also piling up. Time has passed really fast and we have been busy as usual.

And the last picture that we took is on 21st March when we celebrate 4th years anniversary. After that… taking pictures together seems like out of the window already. Oh man… I think we need a break to take some memories and moment together. During the Mataking trip, perhaps?

** We need holiday **

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seriously cute...

This little girl… Is seriously super cute… No joke…

When you hold a phone and said, 1…2…3…, she will smile at you because she know you are taking her photos.

Tada…. It is proven…

1st shoot...Taken by Rachel...

2nd shoot...

3rd Shoot

4th Shoot

The mother and daughter...

After you have taken her picture, you must show her... Then...She will laugh...

** Carmen Lim **