Thursday, March 31, 2011

God is always great....

It’s always a blessing from God when we get free stuff. Free doesn’t mean that it is cheap and lousy but it means that someone pays it for you and you got it as a blessing. Someone has to pay for the stuff.

This morning, we got free Mc Donald big breakfast. Totally free as my colleague pay for the minimum payment. Two days ago, we got free vegetable. What a great God we are serving… Feel happy already and ready to start my day counting His blessing.

** God is always good **

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last Sunday, I was given the opportunity for the first time to dance mime. The movements are simple and nice but the expressions are not. However, we enjoy doing it…. Though we don’t like the mask/makeup. What to do... mime have to put on something like that on the face.

** All glory to God **

Friday, March 25, 2011

Made my day

2 paus from him and a cup of Milo made my day.
Happy and ready to start my day.

** Thank you Danny Wong **

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Cooking is much easier, fun and faster now. Well as for this period of time, I have to learn to cook fast due to the pack with ministry at night… So, have to finish it within 30 minutes. So, we have 3 dishes and rice in 30 minutes. With one new dish some more… I am impressed…

Tada… let me introduce you, the BBQ corned beef with carrot, egg and onion. Danny said… Very nice…

Sometimes, we have corned beef fried rice and chicken wings.

** Enjoying cooking **

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's been 4 great and happy years

A year of great friendship

A year that the beautiful relationship started…

A year of struggle and tears because of the difficulties in distance

A year that we learned to adapt and understand

A year of celebration that he proposed and we no longer in separated land

A year of preparation for marriage

Prayerfully, a year to start the new chapter of our book

** 4 great years being together **

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Creative Ministry for Children?

For the past 4 days, I was in the training, not as a participant, but as one of the trainer and coordinator. The whole training went well and amazing. It amazed me how creative our God is and how God use an ordinary people to magnify His name. The training was about teaching the children leaders to start creative ministry in their church for their children and hope that they capture the concept of creative ministry.

I enjoy a lot in the training. Firstly, because this is something I really like and secondly, I able to work with Rachel, Chanel and Cory. They are marvelous... I heard about them a lot and this is the first time I work together with them and try to work this training out. We have a lot of laughter and fun together in the preparation as well as in the training. It was my joy and honour to dance together with them as they all have great experience and greatly used by God.

They have workshops...

And we have the youngest participant... Enoch Chia

In all the busyness and tiredness, I am grateful that I didn’t miss God’s presence. Personally, I experience him and my soul is lifted and refreshed. Healing takes place and His love assure me of His greatness and promise.

It was a priceless experience to work together as trainer with them and to see how God move each participant to dance gracefully for Him.

** Enjoy every moment with the moms **

Friday, March 11, 2011


A song that minister to me and find much comfort in it that i have Him...




There is a God, has right to create all things
Has gentle hands to comfort the wounded soul
There is a God, has power to overcome all crimes
He is compassionate and considerate to human weakness

There is one God, our God, the only God, His name is Lord God Almighty.
He has Authoritative glory, grace and mercy, He is in the past, in the future and an everlasting God.

There is a God, has the right to create all things
Has gentle hands to comfort the wounded soul
There is a God, who sit on the glorious high throne
But died on the cross to save the man fall

** 有一位神 **

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The provincial gathering

On 21st – 24th February, I was given the chance to go to the provincial gathering together with many clergy and pastors. It was a nice trip because I eat a lot and laugh a lot. It was nice spending some time with our pastors (some of the young ones around our age).

This is the second time I went to Penang. I was kinda worry that going back to Penang might flash back some unwanted memories. But I was coping it well and amazingly well. The places that I went are new or rather I have forgotten them. Maybe I have really forgotten most of the memories that I choose to forget.
Anyway, the trip was nice though I am a bit reluctant to go at the first place but it was nice. We manage to go out for a supper and some last minutes good food and shopping. Didn't manage to buy anything but i look like a ball after 4 days eating and having fun in Penang and I successfully gave Danny Wong a shock when he sees me. I think i really eat a lot for that 4 days. Hehe...

** Penang **

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A flash back that bring me a smile

I was having my breakfast alone today with lots of student around me. Suddenly, there is this flash back about my teenage time when I was in secondary school.

There is this boy that felt in love with me when we started to click along. Let’s call him ABC. ABC happens to be one of the so called “gangsters” in the school. To be a ‘gangster’, I think one of the requirements is big size. ABC is kinda a big size boy.

He has his enemy also. They have these two groups of different gang. If you happen to bully one of the members in the gang, they will start a flight.

To continue my side of the story, I was a prefect that time. I don’t think I fear any of them because I know they only have loud voice. Faithfully, I do my duty as a prefect and do what is right and ‘saman’ what is wrong.

One fine afternoon during lunch break, the other side of the gang try to threaten me when I advised them to clean what they have eaten in the canteen. But his ‘member’ stop him and said, this is ABC girl.. Better don’t touch. If not, war will happen. I stand there looking at him and he said to me, you are lucky.

That flash back really gave me a smile. We didn’t end up together because I really don’t like ABC. According to him, he was in love with me for 2 years and waiting for me to accept him.

As time has passed, sometimes, I hope I can meet him and know how he is doing now. I guess even if we meet on the street, we hardly recognize each other because it has been so long.

** Memories are nice **