Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Childlike Faith

Let me introduce this cute baby… His name is Ebenezer and he is Christina Foo’s first baby. He is adorable….

Observing a baby or a child, I have to admit that I have to tremendous lessons to learn from them. Having a childlike faith is really tough. The older you are, the harder you find yourself trusting people. It could be the side effect from your part hurt or you’re brought up. Childlike faith? I have it ones… But where it is now?

** Childlike faith **

Monday, October 19, 2009

Another day to ponder about His faithfulness

This morning, we have a new staff that joined our family… Yeah! The Lord answered one of our prayers. As I brief her about our office, introducing her to people around and telling her about the work that we all do… it reminds me the first day I came to work here. I still remember vividly. Its just like happened yesterday.

I cried all the ways here and I’ve been crying for months. Learning to adapt to the culture, the work, the people, the lifestyle…. Really tough but as time move really fast, this place has now become one of my comfort zones.

It’s good that sometimes God stop me for awhile and sits me down to think rather than going all the way heading no where. By the time I realize that, maybe I have already reached 30 years old.

It’s has been a year and 5 months. Lots of unanswered questions have been answered. Lots of unclear pictures are slowly become clearer. Walking under the umbrella with Him is really hard. Lots of obedient is required, lots of sacrificing is requested but I know He is still right there beside me with His colorful umbrella.

** Another day to ponder about His faithfulness **

Saturday, October 17, 2009


In a very short period of time, I will be reaching 26th years old. Scary? I think so too… I still remember when I was a little kids, I wish I was 25th back then. I thought that by the age of 25th, I will have a stable career, fixed income, I own a car myself and I can financially support my family.

Well, life is not as smooth sailing as I thought. I even wish that I’ll be married in the age of 25th. Hahaha… Thinking back about it really brings laughter about how na├»ve and simple I thought life was.

As 2009 reaching to an end, planning for next year started to begin. Age started to catch up and friends around started to have their own family.

I sat down and think… I am going to be 26th…. What have I achieved so far?

** Going to be 26th? So fast? **

Friday, October 16, 2009

16th October 2009

It's another month to be grateful... I miss him very much~~

** 16th October 2009 **

Friday, October 02, 2009


Perseverance is another tough path of life. Selected people will be able to taste the pain of perseverance but not everyone. Talking to a dear friend of mine making me realize that coming out from an almost ‘perfect’ family will also product two different mindset of people. The same childhood and yet one that is always happy and smooth sailing in his life while another one is filled with struggle and persistence.

Ever since I choose to walk this path, my path is filled with perseverance in pain. Crying out to God and asking..... How long more Lord? How long more? And yet…. I always get not even a word answer.

Crying for some people to repent and return to God…. Crying for generation to see Him… I will also ask.. Lord, how long more should we pray… That generation will turn back to you? How long more, should we pray?

Persistence in prayer is a new lesson for me in this path and I think in life journey, everyone of us will go through the persistence in prayer… and yet…. Sometimes, I will ask God, how long? How long more, Lord?

** Persistence in prayer **

Thursday, October 01, 2009

My office...

At last… It is totally clean and tidy la…

You will not want to know how messy it look like earlier on.. So, better don’t put the before picture here. Hehe…

** It is in order now **