Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Looked back at the 2012 resolution, I am glad I able to fulfilled 80% of it. Some I will considered not pass because I lose my weight and I gain it back. Sigh…

So, new year is coming, feeling kinda excited for it at the same time, having this mixed feeling because never know what is coming… Gonna really miss 2012 a lot because lots of people has come and go… And lots of beautiful memories in 2012 just like I got my married in May 2012.

Nevertheless, I am grateful what God has planned for my family, both Danny and I and we look forward for greater things ahead of us. God is faithful and we are eternal grateful.

** Happy New Year **

Monday, December 24, 2012


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

** Loves from Danny & Jenny Wong **

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Change of lifestyle, change everything – Shaun T

I managed to watched one of Shaun T’s interview on youtube and he said that changed of lifestyle, change everything. He said this because he doesn’t believe in diet. There is no perfect diet. He continues and said that you can be on diet and you can be off diet. So what happen when you’re off diet? You gain back extra pound. 
So, I feel that he has a point… Instead of going for a diet, choose to have a healthy eating lifestyle. Of course he is not saying that you cannot eat chocolate, cookie, or fast food at all…  But not the whole packs of chocolate on the same day. 
I believe that when we cultivate a healthy eating habit, we can eat anything occasionally and with a proper workout.  
** Change of mindset, change of lifestyle, change everything **

Friday, December 14, 2012

The birthday

Yesterday was a great day to celebrate the birth of my lovely husband 27th years ago. So, we went out for a simple buffet breakfast since we have the complimentary voucher and we enjoy ourselves. Yes… We ate a lot… But, it’s ok.. Since it’s a celebration… Of course, we work out a lot also that same day. 
When I thought of my husband, my heart is filled with gratitude that God has placed such an amazing man in my life. Marrying him brings lots of color into my life. If this is not God’s grace, I really don’t know what this is.
** Happy Birthday Sweet Heart **

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I’ve been working very hard to lose some of the stubborn fat that stick with me for several years for my wedding day and I did… Happily, I think I have lost 8kg and 4 inches from my waist. I had a beautiful wedding and honeymoon. During my honeymoon, my husband told me, you should try to lose more on the lower abs when we go back to KK. Then I told him, ok… gonna try..

Low and behold, marriage brings lots of joy and food… I gain back my weight… I have not been consistent in my exercise for 6 months and I ate what I love without much control. Now, most of the dress and shirt that I bought from honeymoon couldn’t fit me anymore and I got very frustrated.

So, what to do… Have to get myself back to an exercise lifestyle…

I felt that the previous exercises are not enough and I looked for something more intense… And… I found this…
Read and heard lots of testimony of how people transform from day 1 to day 60. Just hearing them keeps me motivated… Therefore, I grab my husband along to try this programme together. Today is the 10th day for me in this programme while my husband is the 3rd day.

It is not easy… like what Shaun T has warned in his DVDs but it is not impossible. The first few days were really tough… I rest a lot. As it continues, I also try to challenge my body and my mind and would like to see how far I can go with this.

Can’t wait to see the result on day 60 but as for now, let’s just keep one step at a time. Of course, nothing comes free… No pain, no gain… What goes into your mouth, counts too…

** Insanity **

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We miss the Lo's...

Last Friday was a very hard day for everyone of us in the English zone… though we know that we still get to see her. I think the toughest part is that we are not under her leadership. She is not a perfect leader and she is not the best person to work with.... But her heart towards God, we all witnessed it with our own eyes. Her cares for each and every one one of us was deeply felt by each of us. She fought for our benefits, she gave the best to us and she loved each and every one of us no matter how many silly mistakes we had made…

We all felt a big part of our heart has left with her…

p/s: Never knew that i miss this little girl so much... But i really do... Miss screaming at her name and being annoyed by her... I gonna miss sitting next to her during service.

** We miss you **