Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Journey of waiting

I always used to say that waiting hurts. And it always hurt. To wait on something that you don’t know will happen or not, actually takes a bigger faith than eyes can see. Recently, I realize that everyone in their life, there is something that they wait for… something that they always hope for. Some people wait for ‘the one’. Some people wait for someone to propose. Some people wait for someone to believe in Christ. Some people wait for a life time opportunity. Some people even wait for time to pass.

In everyone’s life, we all wait for something, wait for someone, and wait that things will happen. Waiting will always be a season of life. We all will always wait for something in every season of our life. The things that we wait for will change but we are still waiting.

Waiting always hurts but in the journey of waiting, will bear the fruit of patient

** Journey of waiting **

Friday, June 26, 2009

A lovely gift from a dearly friend

Last night, I received a sweet pack of gift from a dearly friend of mine that went for holiday.

She bought me;
# A grey colour dress
# Two belts for the dress
# An artificial bread

I LOVED THE BREAD. Smells like real bread too. It is just so cute… And when I look at the bread, I will smile.

** Love the gifts, Love the giver even more **

Friday, June 12, 2009


Everyone will have the opportunity to experience stress. Maybe not everyone… Some experience it but have no idea what that called. But still, everyone will face the feeling of stress. As I look through the dictionary of Cambridge the meaning of stress is;

#Stress - great worry caused by a difficult situation, or something which causes this condition

I’ve been pretty busy these two months. Before the clergy wives’ retreat, I have to prepare for it. After that, I have to prepare for in-house clergy training. Now, I am still in the midst of preparing.

With such an amount of work, late sleep, in orderly time for meal, people expectation, worry of not doing it right and so on ….really caused me tired and emotional unstable. Maybe also because my period is around the corner, mood swing is very normal.

To release stress;
#1 Pray
#2 Listen to sermons
#3 Sleep
#4 Watch a funny movie and laugh about it
#5 Hang out with close friend or someone that I love
#6 Read people’s interesting Blog and update mine
#7 Do my plan 2
#8 Plan a holiday
#9 Day dreaming with beautiful scenery
#10 Listen to song favorite music
#11 Shopping – provided money is available
#12 Eat something that I wish and like

As for now, I choose to update my blog…
** Stress & tired! **

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The first time feeling…

Tonight, I didn’t stay back in worship practice to practice together with them but I have to rush back to the office to continue what I have left behind just now. The feeling of leaving the 4 new dancers that I have trained them for all these while give such a heavy heart. This coming Sunday, 2 out of the 4 will dance at 10am English service. Before I left, I think most of the dancers will felt that I am like a mother that nag a lot.

Remember to practice… Remember to lift your hand up high… smile while you are dancing and smile with me when I am smiling with you… Don’t play around but practice well… Wear white color shirt… Please teach her if she cannot follow.. Don’t lead too fast… Don’t put too hard pattern.. Don’t talk while practicing… etc…

I kinda felt the feeling of a mother. Can they do well? Will they be ok when I am not around? I worry about the one that lead them this week cannot control that many kids. Many questions running around my head. And yes… They are all kids. That’s why I worry. But not the one that leads them in dancing.

Overall, I think they will practice at home and do well in the worship. Sometimes, we all just need a bit pressure to see where we are heading to and to improve.

** The first time feeling **

Monday, June 08, 2009

Clergy Wives' Retreat

I learn tremendously in this retreat. Not that I am a clergy wives’ but I was there as a support staff. Someone that runs here and there in order to make sure things are in order and they can have a great service. With all the busy in hand, I still manage to enjoy myself. I saw most of them love the retreat and they all have a lot of fun. Even I have a lot of fun. The words are powerful and the workshop and amazing. They get surprises from here and there each day and gifts to be taken home with them. Not only them, I got surprises too… Haha… The first night was an opening dinner in Bishop’s house. The second day of the retreat, we all have the privilege of getting ourselves colored up and ready for a photo shot by an excellent and gifted photographer, Louis Pang. I got my first portrait and it was taken by Louis Pang. What a blessing!

Tada….In the afternoon, we learn about colors. What colors that suits everyone and looks best on each of us. The third day, we continue with learning colors and grooming. How to play with colors to make you look suitable for the occasion. In the afternoon, they have their flower arranging workshop while I prepare the night session.With these three nights, not only that I enjoy but I have a lot of fun making new friends and it my honor to serve them. I learned about inner beauty and outward beauty. And most important and out of my expectation, I am refreshed also. God is always good. Even though I am only supporting there, but he bless me too. Not only with all the tips for outward and inward beauty but what I have been searching for, is answered by Him. God is always great.

** Refreshed **