Sunday, February 28, 2010

Only I love you, enough to sustain a marriage?

As I was browsing through facebook, I remembered a very common advice that people will give that is, if he/she treat you good, that is enough.

I sat and have a moment to think.. Is it really enough? Can a marriage survive with only I love you? Only he/she treat you good?

As I grew up, my best friend’s mom told her that as long as your future husband doesn’t gamble, doesn’t drink, not a womanizer, you should start to count your blessing. Heard lots of story about someone else having affair problem, really lead me to believe what my best friend’s mom advice is true. Should count blessing if he/she treat you good…

As for me, I am preparing myself to be someone’s wife because I will be someone’s wife one day. To step into marriage only with 3 words, I don’t think it is enough. Marriage is always more than just 3 words.

Love only one person for the rest of my life… I guess marriage life is a love lifestyle. Well, I have not truly married yet… I guess this post will be continuing after I have reached certain chapter of life.

** By then, i will know... **

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I went back to Sandakan on 13th February for Chinese New Year. It was so happening because my uncle from Australia has come back for a holiday after like 10 years the Liau siblings never meet. So, they have dinner at my home and have a reunion photo. My father has 11 siblings including him. Big family.. But not all of them are here that night. Other than the Liau family reunion, i have him here for the first time for CNY. Well, he went to Sandakan before last year, so that makes him the second time to Sandakan, the first time spending time with me in Sandakan and also the first time we celebrate CNY together after so long...Chinese New Year is always the time we all gather together as a family to have fun and fellowship.I miss spending time with my brother and sister. The three of us can have a great time together. As for now, we welcome the Wong into our family picture.Hehe...

** Chinese New Year 2010 **

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

CNY Mood

When you are in CNY mood, it’s really hard to concentrate to work.

So what I do? I search what kind of dress I should buy and what kind of blouse I should wear. Oh man.. searching for cloth is always hard for me.
Other than that, I found this… Cool ha.. Can convert pictures to something like this. This is just so cool. So, I spend some time doing this.
** So cool... **

Monday, February 08, 2010

English Zone Outing

Our English zone staff normally have outing ones in two to three months and we all LOVES the outing because we get to sty away from work topic, we have lots of laugher and fun together and we can have a refreshing time together.

Last Thursday, we went to a waterfall.
Before that, we drop by Bishop’s mom place and she is doing the ‘nyien kau’ in a traditional way. Cool~~~Then we have our first group photoAs usual, the kids will go in the water while my role is to take pictures.And the moms start their eating outing.Cynthia is really good in climbing rocks. She climbs up to the top of the hill. Wow… really impressive. * Clap hands* I did try but I failed. After that, we continue to take picturesAnd ended up in Vedablu for ice cream before we went home.
** Fun and exciting day**

Friday, February 05, 2010

Happy and Satisfied

I’ve been a blogger for more than 4 years now. Since 2007 onward, every year I will change the templates and the theme. So, this year… I choose something that is not provided by blogger setting. I used more than 4 hours to choose the right one and here it is… I finally found one that I am satisfied and happy. I have also saved the pictures of the previous templates that I have used for record purposes.


Though i don't update it everyday, but i still keep it alive. Hehe...

** Happy and Satisfied **

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A year of faith

This year is the year of faith. Our church start with a series of faith in our sermon for a month and the first sermon is really good. Four points are shared - think faith, aim high, speak faith and practice faith. To put into practice is always the hardest but it challenges us to really take a big step of faith out.

With this year of faith, I change my theme from let go, let God to never give up. I believe that I have learned to let go and let God to do things that only He can do and only He can change. I will say it is not an easy saying to let go and let God. Some people took years to let go and let God. I took some years too. Last year, I tasted his greatness and love.

This year theme and focus is ‘never gives up’. I will say that I am a kind of person that will give up easily. To endure the never give up process; it took lots of endurance and faithfulness. It challenges me and tested my faithfulness. Sometimes, it’s not about the result but about the endurance of the process to never give up.

Never an easy lesson but God is good. He gives us things that we can bear and never give us things that are out of our lead.

** Never give up, faithfulness is the key **

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What’s new?

In this New Year, what is new in your life? As for me, nothing much is so new about it except some new resolution, new goal, new vision and a new blackberry.

I’ve never stop busying until recently. From November last year, events have not stopped until recently. Now, I can sit down and drop down some words.

So last year, we have thanksgiving prayer meeting from 9pm to 12am.Really cool… The cathedral is filled with balloons. Each prayer that is prayed will release the balloon and it will fly up just like our prayer fly up to God.
Then, I have belated Christmas gift from one of the kids’ dancers that I taught them to present on Christmas day.
Later on, we have BSI Vision School opening follow with clergy conference in Tawau. This is the second time I went to Tawau. Tawau is a small town with great people and a huge house of prayer.After clergy conference, I have him coming here to study and a dear friend wedding in Christ Church. Some people around me commented that i look really happy and they never see me smile as happy as this before. In my heart i thought, i always smile but being together with him, i am really happy. Now, life back to normal with him went back to KL and our long distances continue. Another week, I’ll be going back to my hometown for Chinese New Year. That’s the happening part in the early of every year.

** New Year **