Thursday, April 29, 2010


Q: Have you ever wonder, why God put you in such a position to do these? If He places someone else, the ministry might grow stronger and faster because someone else is better.

A: Ya, I feel that too.. I think that I am not God’s first choice. But because God’s first or second or third choice didn’t respond and I responded, so I am doing it.

The Q&A challenges me again…

** Respond **

Monday, April 26, 2010

25th April 2010, Sunday

I have a great day… a normal and simple day that I wished for. I cut my hair, friends that are close to me sang birthday song so loud after the service, received unexpected gift from unexpected friends and out dinner with just 2 beautiful and close friends.

With beautiful people that I love dearly around me for a simple meal and each of us enjoy the companionship of each other. What a great day… What else I want more? With that, I am happy and content and I couldn’t thank God enough for his blessing and love.

Thank you for those that remember… it mean a lot to me even it's only a greeting. Thank God for his great love and joy.

** Beautiful day **

A new me?

On my birthday... I did something that I never thought I dare to do... I cut my fringe.

Ta da…….Some people said I look like corn, jellyfish, weird, funny, cute, pretty, fresh, nice and the list goes one…

Hmm… I like the freshness, but don’t really like the style. So, no more next time I guess… but I am happy that I did it. The best part is, I gave him a surprise…. The best surprise ever… Hehe…

Instead of celebrating 26th birthday, i celebrate 21st birthday. They said i can look 5 years younger.

** A new me? **


Birthday can be very simple, very normal or very fancy. Well, almost every year of my birthday, I'll look up to the sky and pray that I have a cheerful day. Nothing much but to be happy for everything.

It's been 26 long years. Many people come and go in my life. Many come and impacted me to be who I am today. Some rebuke me so that I will be a better me. Some advice, teach, encourage and even crushed and disappoint me in every aspect of my life but I am grateful because with God placing them in my life, I learned to be matured and strong. I learn to rely on Him when I fail in any circumstances of life.
When someone ask me, who impacted your life the most? Well, I will said, along the way, many impacted me. As young as they are or as matured as they are, I learn from them. With a young heart, I learned to be genuine with your own feeling and faith like a child. As mature as they are, I learn their experience and listen to their advice so that I will my repeat what they have warn me.

Long 26 years... And yet a long way to go…

** Happy birthday Jenny **

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Couldn’t resist..

Isn’t this cute?? I just couldn’t stop asking people around me when I saw this.

Haha… I think it’s really cute. Perhaps it can be use as my door gift. Or.. I might use blue and brown theme color just because of this. Isn’t this cute…

Hope that I can find someone that able to make exactly the same with this.

And not something that turn out to be…..

** The cookie monster Cup Cake is so cute… **

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sign of getting old?

Oh man… My back started to ache again. I remember the first time I feel my backache when I was 16 years old. Can you imagine.. such a young age, I started to feel that until now. Well, cannot deny that age is catching up and I will be celebrating 26th years old. Hmm… this year birthday will fall on Sunday. And I have taken out my date of birth from facebook. I guess when we started to grow older, celebrate birthday is not that fancy anymore. The best is, the less people know, the better. Wondering why I have such a thought… Anyway, I wish for a normal happy day. Perhaps a meal with some close friends…Or a day to know that God has answered my prayer….

I am going to be 26, oh man.. I wish I am 21. At least I don’t have to put on makeup, people will still think I am 18th. Hehehe.. A bit greedy for this kind of birthday wishes?

** With the limited strength that I have, I am reminded ….**

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Learn to enjoy...

Last night conversation:-

Me: I am so stress with all these.. Planning, planning, planning and research, research, research and non-stop research

Him: Don’t so stress about all these.. Put everything aside and focus on what you should be doing now

Me: Sigh…

Him: Just enjoy… Enjoy being my fiancée now..

Me: Ok… I’ll enjoy… Erm… What a fiancée suppose to enjoy then?

Him: I don’t know….

Both of us: Hahahhahahahaha……………

Indeed, it cheers me up… and being reminded that I should enjoy even though I don’t know what to enjoy.

** Enjoy **

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It’s been awhile…

It’s been a while that we have not yell at each other on the phone, couldn’t communicate, couldn’t accept the reason that are given, couldn’t understand each others point of view and have different perspective of our own. It’s really been awhile until last night.

Last night, I sat and feel the whole situation, the whole moment. Wow… it’s really been awhile and I almost forgot that sometimes, misunderstand do occur, couldn’t communicate do exist and pain for being in love is real.

I always love the reconcile part because it brings us closer and deeper in love… and I miss that.

With last night experience, we are reminded again to not to take each other for granted and learn to respect and honor each other with love.

** It’s has been awhile… **

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding list?

According to one of the website that I found while I help one of my dearest friends on her wedding, I found a checklist for the wedding preparation.

So, I kept one for myself too…. And according to that checklist, I have to list down the guest list way before the wedding, so the very obedient me, trying to list it down. Low and behold, I found myself having some headache….

The interesting part is there is no basic guideline about whom to invites. When I thought about asking so and so to my wedding, I worry that he/she will ended up sitting there alone because he/she doesn’t mix with my another gang of friends. That would be quite pity for him/her. Then should I invite or not invite? Oh man… This troubles me a bit. For those that are really close to me, be prepare to receive some of my phone calls asking you, should I invite so and so.

** Wedding list **

Thursday, April 08, 2010

It bright my day

I found a software that able to do this... So happy and it brighter my day from a bad evening that i have yesterday..

** Happy already **

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I believe that no one loves to be rebuke and force to face the ugly side of them. In life journey, we have to be rebuke in order to grow. Like it or not, rebuke and discipline is one of the way to show love. I don’t like to scold and rebuke as well but sometimes, it left me no choice. To keep certain high standard, I have to scold. To keep the level of quality, I have to rebuke. I don’t like scolding people as well. Most of the time, I ended up feeling guilty for scolding him/her. I always asked myself, who have I turn into? Have I turned into someone that no one like me?

Rebuke is one of the ways that you show concern and love. Hard to accept it but this is the fact. Because I love them … so, I care enough to rebuke them and want them to grow and be better in what they are doing. Unfortunately, not everyone sees the point. I rebuke them with love because I want to see them succeed in their life. If I don’t care, I won’t have rebuked them at the first place.

I hope he understands my heart that in order for him to succeed in life, I must rebuke and discipline him.

** Rebuke with love **

Monday, April 05, 2010

A dream comes true…

I used to imagine how would it be like? Who would he be? What would he do?

On 16th March 2010, I able to taste what the feeling of a dream come true.
We had a beautiful dinner in Euro Deli restaurant. I was kinda hoping for it. As I ate my food, I hope I will cut something more than food. Well, it ended up just a normal dinner with an awesome environment and tasty food. It’s a bit costly than what we normally had. But it’s alright since it’s a celebration dinner.

After dinner, we went to a park called small genting somewhere in Ampang that able to see the night view of KL. I love that place. We used to go there quite often before the long distance relationship happens because I love to see beautiful view at night. We have a great time talking about what we have gone through as a couple in the past three years and the breakthroughs for our path. The Lord is good… He always is… As we talked about the old memories, both of us are grateful and amaze how God lead us together.

As I looked at my watch, it’s half past 11pm. He looked worried and kept smsing. I asked him not to worry so much about work after the long meeting that he had. Later on, he said, why not we go to another place that can see the KL night view too. I get so excited and we depart to another the next place.When we arrived there, the view was amazing… with an open air restaurant and the beautiful view. I stared at the view while trying to catch my breath from the long walk from the bottom to the top. Then, his friend gave him a dozen of roses and with one knee, he ask me to marry him. I heard lots of cheer because the restaurant was pack with people. I was so embarrass and overwhelm and I was speechless. I nod my head and he stood up gave me a hug.

With no ring but an Ipod, we are engaged. How do I feel? I feel overwhelm and like a dream come true.Now, we are engaged. Another chapter of our life together… As for the date… We will let you know… It will be another beautiful day.

This will be one of the meaningful day that I will remember with the awesome view, beautiful place and lovely friends around us to be happy together with us.

** Just like a dream come true **

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

The Lord is Risen... He is Risen Indeed.

p/s: No idea why rabbit got to do with easter...

** Happy Easter **