Sunday, May 17, 2015

Old times thoughts

When we were just friends - Year 2005
When time flies so fast, sometimes we forgot to look back and give thanks or look back and reflect how faithful God has been to us. As I search back some old photos, they are full of memories. Lots has come and go. Lots has their own family now.

God is good and He always is. Looking back at old photos also make me realized how much my husband has grown. The first day I met him, he is like this kid that talk non-stop, talk without much thoughts, and responsibility is not his priority.

1st year of long distance, 2nd Year of dating - Year 2007
Today, by the grace of God, this young kid has transformed to be a man. A man that loves God more than anything, loves his wife and his daughter so much. A man that have careful thoughts of his words and action and a man that has a big heart for people around him.

1st year of marriage - Year 2012
Being able to witness to his growth is truly my joy. I remembered back then when he told me, if one day, he is ready to lead as a man in the family, he will marry me and he kept that promise. One thing that never change is that he makes me laugh a lot. Today, he still makes us laugh a lot.

3rd year of marriage - Year 2015
Knowing that God has us in His palm, we look forward for what is ahead of us. The best are yet to come and we are excited about it. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ms Gabriella Wong

The last photo of me being pregnant
Time has passed so fast and it’s been two years since my last update on my blog. Lives has been pretty busy as well. We have moved from KK to KL now for one year plus...

I have given birth to the prettiest little girl called Gabriella Wong Qi Yue. Her name is so special. The story of giving birth to her is a beautiful story of the Lord’s grace and mercy upon us.

Gabriella means God is my strength
Wong is her surname
Qi means miracle
Yue means favor

We would like the Lord’s favor to be upon her life as she grow and she will know that the Lord is her strength and with God, she has nothing else to fear. When the Lord is with her, anything is possible. 

During the whole process of giving birth, both my husband and i feel that it is a miracle. Therefore, her name has the word miracle in it.

She has turned 13th months now and she bring us tons of joy and laughter. Of course there are some part of the journey is not easy and filled with worries.

But as I looked back today, I know God is faithful and His grace is always sufficient.

Therefore, I gonna revive this blog again and hopefully to post more often on Gabby’s milestone that one day when she is old enough, she can read her mother’s journey of life. How God has been faithful to us and how good He is.