Friday, September 30, 2011


Some people are born slim and some are born with slightly more flesh because of their parents genes. I somehow are the one that with more flesh. Not fair, right? Since I was a little girl, I was kinda round in size. When I reach teenager time, my weight started to drop and I have joined the ‘M’ size category but after teenager period, my weight grown back.

Slimming down is always the struggle for me and it is so DIFFICULT. I have to control whatever that goes into my stomach and the controlling and disciplining part is so hard. Therefore, I always gave up half way when I see no instant result or when there is some result, I use eating to celebrate the ‘success’.

Anyhow, from July until now, I have so called ‘successfully’ control my eating and I have seen result with lots and lots of aerobic. So, I would like to record this down to encourage myself that I can do this… I have not reached my goal yet and I am still trying.

I thank God that he answered prayer and with God along in this whole dieting program, it is just a nice and beautiful. It’s not as difficult as I thought as I started to eat less sweet and it slowly changed my taste of food.

With the encouragement around helps a lot also and with a ‘dietitian’ fiancĂ©e.

One more month to go and prayerfully, I can make it and reach my goal.

** Counting down 30 days **

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dream girl…

A random conversation….

Me: How slim do you think I have to get?
Him: Erm… Like this is good enough…
Me: Like this? Like not enough la..
Him: Enough lo…
Me: Then how slim is your dream girl?
Him: My dream girl is you lo…
Me: Huh?
Him: Ya

After that…

Me: No matter I fat or thin, you can also accept it?
Him: Ya..
Me: So, when I slim down, does that matter to you?
Him: Erm… As long as you are happy. What matters to you, matters to me.
Me: Awww…. I found the best husband...

** Dream girl **

Saturday, September 03, 2011

4 years ago..

On 7th July 2007, a sms sent to me saying;

Every day, I have to choose too… I also choose to love you with all I can. Many weaknesses that you need to bear with me. Simple truth, you’ve already live longer than me, means you had already learned more things than I am. Plus, you become Christian earlier than me, you’ve been guided by God more than me.

One day, I will over pass you… When I achieve that, be prepare to be my wife…

** He kept his promised **