Wednesday, March 18, 2009


These few days, I came across with this word willing. Is a willing heart matters a lot? To get the things done is more important or to have a willing heart to get the things done more important?

If everyone waits for a willing person to get things done, then how the work will be done? But if you are doing it with unwilling heart, you will suffer but the things are still done. Which is more important?

God gave us free will choice but in this world and society, seems like not much free will choice you can practice. Willing or not willing, sometimes we have no choice. I wonder when willingness need to come in?

When you have love, you will be willing… but when you are not willing, does that mean you have no love anymore? Hmm… I really wish to know.

** Willing? **

Saturday, March 14, 2009

God is in control

Recently, as I browse through a friend's blog, it tenderly reminds me that after all, God is in control.

Don’t know when it started that I used to control what I could possibly control. I want things to go my way instead of His way. I take control of my work because I am the only one that has to bear responsible on my work if there is any mistake. I take control of my own lifestyle and health because I choose what to wear, what to eat and when to sleep.

With such a routine, I have slowly forgotten that there are many things out of my control. I could not control certain things. I could not control someone to be happy together with me. I could not control what people thought about me. I could not control someone to share the same sadness with me and thus, it caused me to fall. With this fall, again I am being reminded that after all, God is in control. I can love, but can never force someone love me in return. I can give, but can never force someone to sacrifice the same amount. I can walk but can never drag someone that not willing to walk with me. After all, God is in control, God gives everyone free will choice to choose the way they react, the live and their path.

** Let go, let God because God is in control **

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Only God knows….

Most of the time, we will tend to advice too fast; give solution to fast and to say our own perspective too fast. Sometimes, someone only want a listening ear because we all grown up and go through journey of life in every different ways, experience different thing. But to find only listening ears is also this hard. Why?

Different people give different encouragement. I truly appreciate the encouragement and the effort of trying … But most of the time, I only want a pair of ears to hear my struggle, my foolishness, and my tears and yet, it's hard to find. No wonder most adults choose to keep everything themselves. They tried before to share but it become even bitter.

** Only God knows... **


Yesterday I have a lazy morning
Yesterday I had lunch with the Education Board Member
Yesterday I finally meet with Datuk Mary
Yesterday I was called to a wrong meeting and I stay the whole meeting
Yesterday I ate the most salty maggi because I mistakenly throw most of the soup away
Yesterday I have fun in cell group
Yesterday I experience a feeling that I never wanted to feel back
Yesterday I sleep with a heavy heart

** My yesterday **

Friday, March 06, 2009

What's the point?

Why do people want to know what happen and why certain things happen and when someone else explain, they seems not believe it and put someone else's reason into an excuses category? I really don't understand.

When it is sure that it is the explanation, certain people will still look at it as an excuse. Then what's the point that you ask and yet not listening? Weird believe…. Really weird…

Sometimes, we just cannot blame why people choose to be quiet than explaining because explain or not, the result will also be the same. What's the point?

** Really don't understand **

Thursday, March 05, 2009

An unhappy morning

I wake up with a heavy heart
Looking out for a reason
Why my heart is down?
Why I am feeling such a way?
I come before Him
Bringing my emotion
Asking Him to take it away
Why I feel such an emotion?
What is wrong?
I am still asking
Still searching
Still waiting

A down morning

Monday, March 02, 2009


No 1 #
Drink one liter bottle of plain water every morning before you brush your teeth will really give good health and pretty skin

No 2 #
Emotion is the bridge to your belief
Which means that what you feel is based on the fact that you believe.

Fact 3 #
I feel that I have gain weight when I am back to hometown during Chinese New Year but most of the people said that I have slim down