Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The journey of two best friends

God’s will bought them together in meeting with each other
They meet when they are in the age of 10
Starting to be best friends in the age of 12
Never realize that both of them travel part of the life journey together
Holding on to each other strongly
Comfort and cry for each other when one of them needs comfort or tears
The path no longer as easy as they thought
Wanting to give up of the journey will come to a choice
A choice to let go and let God
Or a choice of holding on no matter what
Distance again be their enemy
As they grow
Material seems to be interesting
Getting to know new friends that caused them no more time for each other
Continue with they own dreams and vision
That brings them to a journey that they are forced to said goodbye
But both of them knows that this is a never forever goodbye
The word goodbye was spoken
With tears running down each other cheek
Knowing that things no longer the same
Things will never be the same
Hoping and praying that God will continue to guide them
As both of them go after their own dreams
One year later
They are no longer the best friend that they used to be
With something to hold back
That caused their trust been shaken
Their faith no longer the same
Surrounding people give comments
Good and bad, both of them took it
The journey for both of them
No longer travel together
But they walk apart with a broken heart
Distance has caused both of them to be apart again
That now it will be unknown duration of time
Praying and hoping that things between them will be better
When both of them are not in the same area
3 months later
Both of them meet up
Holding hands before God
Just like 10 years ago in the age of 14
They again hug and cry aloud to God
Knowing that they again have each other
By each other side
To comfort and to cry when a smile or tears are needed
With that hug and cry
They know gap between them
Are no longer exist
Love among them is now greater than before
With the assurance that what they have is a gift from God
That they will never want to let go
Never want to give up
But with a grateful heart to give thanks
For what they have
For what God gave
And for the trials that both of them goes through
With God’s grace
They become the best of the best friends
They continue the journey of life together
With comfort, courage and love
To face what is in the front of them
And to hold on to God
With an assurance that they are a present from God

**The journey of two best friends**

Monday, August 18, 2008

Love never fail!

The clock ticks every minute
My heart beat faster every second
My hand gets sweat
With an excited feeling of waiting
Able to meet him again
Can't believe the hour is here
When I can finally meet him
A day where tears that shed
Are worth and valuable
Knowing that I can have
That moment of "together" with him again
Believing that the promise
We used to have are still true
Still real, still accountable
With God in the between of us
We believe there will be a rainbow
In front of us
That keeps us hoping, perseverance
And keeping it alive


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A thought…

Since young until now, i have quite a number of rich friends around me. They spent money without much consideration. They don’t need to think will it be enough if i spend this money for this thing and what about the next thing i want to buy? They don’t have to worry about not enough, not fully utilize it and will it be a waste if you bought it and not use it.

Some people were born rich while other born in a not so rich family. I am one of them that born in a not so rich family. I don’t have RM50 per week, i don’t get to buy what i want, what i wish and i don’t get to buy things without looking at the price and no need to think about it overnight. Since young, mom told us that money are hard to earn, every penny have to use it wisely. Since a kid, i don’t have fancy Barbie doll but i have enough food, enough cloth and enough necessities for living. Do i consider myself blessed? Of course i consider myself blessed but men are never satisfied.

Sometimes i looked back my past i ask God, why everything that i want, i have to earn it myself? Why everything that i wish for have to beg You so long before i get it? Why i don’t get to ask for more when i don’t have enough from my parents or boyfriend? Why people have less commitment? Why people ask for a car and will get a car? As for me, i ask for a pc only.... i have to wait several years to earn for it.

Most of the times, after got envy with friends around me, i calm myself to think. Why complain when i have enough? Why want more when you don’t need it? I kept myself silent and being reminded in the book of James 1 and reminded that blessed are the poor for they shall see God. Poor people goes through much struggle, trials and difficulties that help them to rely on God more, draw strength from Him and find peace in His presence. Not to offend rich people but the word of God says, indeed, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

Lord, give me what is enough that i will not steal or rob to sin against you. But not too much that i might forget your grace and mercy. Amen

p/s: For those can ask and get it without much earning, count your blessing because not everyone have that blessing.


Monday, August 11, 2008

3rd month

It's the third month now… Can't believe that it's been three months. And in less than a week, he will be here. So excited…

Nothing much recently, except busy with the preparation of the coming Synod meeting that will held on 31st August. I can only pray to God that mistake made lesser, wisdom added by Him more day by day.

Excited because less than one week. May the week they are here, time will pass slower and we can have quality time together.

**3 months**