Tuesday, September 25, 2007

God’s love

God’s love is like wind. We cannot see wind but we can feel it. When we let go of the feather, we see how the feather being blow away. At the same time, we feel God’s love.

**God’s love**

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's just a job

A very common statement, “It’s just a job”. Some people give almost all their lives and time for their job and career. Whereby me, I would like to remind myself again that my job, is just a job. I need not to put so much emotions, feelings and effort in certain things that are not worth.

I’m not saying that I will not do my best in my job. I will still give the best, perform the best for God’s glory but I am learning not to take things seriously and not to take things personally. Anyhow, it’s just a job. No one will care about someone health in a business world but they will care, are the things done. No one will care how you feel today but they will care, have you give all your best to your responsibilities. A cruel and materialistic world and this is the real world. Want to remind Jenny Liau again, welcome to the real world.

For my life is not only about work, but also about glorifying God’s glory. Lord, may you guide my path and protect my heart. Let everything that I do for your glory.

**It’s just a job**

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Growing up is pain

I still remember how I wished I were an adult when I was a kid last time. Everything will be fun and happy when I’ve grown up because I can buy whatever I want without permission and I can go wherever I want without permission too. While I’m still growing, I don’t think that way anymore.

When you’re younger, you wish you could grow up faster. But when you are getting older and older each day, you wish you could become younger again like last time. How nice it was when you can play whatever you like and eat whatever you like without thinking about management, time, finance, and reality. If a mom stops her kids from playing, her kids know that they still can have fun tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Whereby as for grown up people, commitment and responsibilities is always around us.

Tough decision has to made, battle each day to get joy and purpose in life, work hard just to earn some pennies where we get scolded almost everyday and we have to endure unnecessary stress.

Growing up is painful and it’s scary. Responsibilities getting heavier and heavier each day, commitment become an issue, parents, superior, friends expect more and more from you just because you’ve grown up. They expect you to be mature, handle things well and have excellent attitude.

How I wish I can be as naïve as a child again but I know it will never happen.

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me.
1 Corinthians 13:11

With this reason, i pray that God will guide my path and my heart that each day, i'll bring glory to You. Amen.

**Process of growing up**

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Family gathering

The clock shows 4.30am, my mom woke me up saying that it’s already 4.30am now. Have to get up and prepared. My body was weak. I dragged myself up, washed my face and started to take their luggage and went to airport together with them.

Arrived LCCT 5.40am. Checked-in together with them, direct them to which gate to go in later. Hug them and said goodbye.

Again I wake up from my sleep after sending them to airport. This time, the clock shows 8.15am. Oh man… it’s time to wake up and prepare to work again. After one week periods of relaxing and accompany my parents, it’s time to step back to reality and to work for living.

The first feeling came heavily when I woke up is awful, the feeling of missing someone badly. I don’t like this kind of feeling. It’s torturing. I miss them badly and I don’t feel like working. This is really terrible and I hate this kind of feeling so much. I prayed… pray hard that God will take it away and pray that God will take care of them.

It’s been one week. One week of enjoying, quarrelling, argument, relaxing and fellowshipping. Four of us enjoy the time being together although argument occurred but we thank God for His blessing, protection, love and wonderful time we have spend with one another. I thank God that I have this opportunity to bless them and to share the days together.

I miss them… miss them badly. :(

In this whole trip, God reminded me again how much He loves us, how graceful He is and how much He has bless our whole family. I able to experiences family noisiness, laughter from my mom, dad and my sister’s faces, spend time with my sister, listen to them and answered to their questions with patient and love. Learn to love them again and bear with their weaknesses because they never complain about me before. Accept and love them as who they are in my life. There is nothing more meaningful than spending the time together as a family to remind each other that we don’t have riches or gold, but we have each other because we are family. No matter what happen, we are one family, we will support and love one another. (This of course include my little brother and aunt in Sabah)

**A great trip**


It’s been a year....

I can’t believe that times flies really fast. It’s been a year. A year ago, I experienced life most heart broken and most pain experience. It hurt me badly for both physical and mentally, so as emotionally.

I still remembered how pain I was, how disturbed my soul was. How lost and how broken I was. I guess, I’ll never forget. Everyone told me, this is life… journey of life. You have to go through this. That moment, I don’t even understand why life has to go through this. Every time I am alone, tears fall without realization. Every morning when I wake up, things around is cold, so as my heart. I can’t even find one reason for myself to smile and to continue to have the courage to face my day.

A year later, I know why. I understand what life is, what life journey is. I understand why I should be broken in order to be whole. I also experienced life and God more than ever. There are things that I can’t see no matter how many people told me or try to help me to see the whole thing, whereby now, God let me see it on my own. The feeling is weird. There are things I knew it all the while. But I never really know it until I experience it.

One whole year… From someone that has the biggest fear change into someone that hangs on to God and always trust in Him. I remembered vividly how hurt I was. I also remembered how glorious God is that he brought me over the darkness and let me see His rainbow, His promise one’s again.

Well, this is life… Enjoy trails, overcome difficulties and become a better person - For The Lord is always with us

**One year of grateful**