Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Walk with God

Today I was chatting with an old good friend in whatapps and telling her that she wrote very well in her blog and I totally LOVED it. In the conversation, I shared that it is really pain to see someone that close to us in pain and being accused and condemn on left right centre. She then reminded me that not to walk with man but walk with God.

Reading that text from her is like reading the heart of God just like God reminding me to walk with Him. No doubt that we all feel the pain because we are human beings and we have feelings. Feeling the pain and yet could not do anything about it but to trust God and preserve. Trusting that God sees all these and trusting that God is in control.

With lots of encouragement to trust God every day, I have no other way to turn to but to everyday remind my soul to trust Him. Trust that He is my shelter, He is my rock. Trust that He in the sovereign God. Trust that He loves me very much and will keep me away from harm. Trust that all things will work well for those who love Him. Trust that revenge is in the hand of God. Trust that we will have our rainbow after lots of thunder and rain.

To walk this journey with God and with lots of them with tears, my heart started to be grateful and able to recognize the true character of those that are around us. It is only through all these, we can see the colour of their personalities. It do look scary but I rather to be shock now than later  and not knowing that they are actually wild wolf in a sheep costume.

** The truth will set us free **

Friday, September 21, 2012

People come and people go

In life, people come and go are the cycle of life that we have to adapt to it. Especially in our life… We meet, we work together, we love each other and then one of us got transfer and with no other choice, we have to farewell and we will meet again ones awhile.
Because of this cycle, my heart started to accept this fact and learn to move on with it very fast. But no matter how, it does hurt to say goodbye to someone that are close to my heart because I know that by the time we meet again, things will no longer be the same anymore.

I meet this little girl when I was in KL back at 2004. She came from Tawau to KL to further her study. I still remember that the first time we went out, we went to McDonald for a drink. The first impression that I have for her is, she talks A LOT… After that, we became housemate and we stay under the same roof.

As time pass and due to circumstances, we move out. The time where we stay together again was 2 years later when I came to KK in respond to my calling. We were roommate back then. She was so troubled for the first month I was in KK because almost every night, I cried myself to sleep because I miss my boyfriend (which is my husband now) back then.

 After a few months of being roommate, we move to a bigger apartment and we are house mate again. Then she move out and then she move back in. So, on off we’ve been in each other life for about 7-8 years. We have lots of fun together and we laugh a lot at the same time tease each other a lot… Sometimes, we forgot the important of friendship in our lives and we take each other for granted.

As our age is catching up and we started to have our own lives and with lots of people coming and going, true and close friends are really hard to find. But I am truly grateful to God that God always provide someone to walk along with us. I am grateful that she is still in my life and we enjoy each other’s company. We now work together and she has bought lots of joy in the office. Without realise, time passed so fast and she has now became one of my old old friend that I know I can look up to when I need a hand.

 We’ve also been through a lot together just that when I look back, I kinda miss her out because she's not tall.  Hehehe...

** A little friend with a big heart **

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A short break

Last Monday, we have a great break chilling out of KK city to a small island called Pulau Sapi. I have also taken a few days off to get myself back on track. It wasn’t easy after tons of “drama” recently. All these "drama" makes my heart grow cold and I started to ask God, how could a human’s heart be so wicked and cruel. Now I understand why Rev Dr Stephen Tong said that one of the reason God did not destroy devil so that human will not become devil. It is so real that all the Hong Kong drama series that I watched makes so much sense in reality. I found myself couldn’t accept the fact that  human being can be devil or maybe worst than a devil when they have lots of hatred, anger and unforgiveness in their heart.

Then I realise that if I do not pause for awhile and get myself back, I could have be one of them that filled with unforgiveness and started to have hatred and anger in my heart.  

Being away from awhile is refreshing. Though I hope I can literally be away for a week but those 3 days of being away with not many phone calls, I am grateful already.  

After a few days of break, I hope I am now gear up to continue to flight for the truth for the truth will set us free.  

p/s: Today’s encouragement - Always trust God's goodness and love, even when circumstances went from bad to worst...

** Just a nice break **


Saturday, September 15, 2012


For God (the greatest Lover) so loved (the greatest degree) the world (the greatest number) that He gave (the greatest sacrifice) His only Son (the greatest act) that whoever (the greatest invitation) believes (the greatest simplicity) in Him (the greatest person) shall not perish (the greatest promise) but have (the greatest certainty) eternal life (the greatest possession)...

** Amazing **