Saturday, June 04, 2011


It has been a beautiful, wonderful, refreshing and enjoyable trip. Able to hang around together with someone dear to you without phone line and internet line was really nice… No phone ringing, no worries about work, no distraction… Just like a day in Paradise. However, coming back to reality is sad knowing that works are piling up. But the best comfort that we as a team get is that we come back to reality together as a team and we will grow stronger together believing that God is in the reality with us. As I mention in the last post that I shall take more photos and I did… Though not as many as I thought but I this is alright. Other than a beautiful trip, the Faith Revival Conference in Tawau was awesome. Witnessing God’s power with my own eyes is amazing. Feeling that coming back to KK this time with a different mindset and believe.

** May God strengthen us... **