Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last day of 2009

It has been a year of great challenge and breakthroughs, tears and joy, struggle and growth, patients and prayer. Overalls, it’s a great year to count my blessing and name them one by one.

Next year… Cut a shorter hair? Or keep it long? Curl it? Or let it be?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

All glory to Him

2nd year of Christmas in All Saints’ is exciting. First of all, all glory and honor be unto God as He has give me a creative choreograph that I able to teach the little dancers (5-11 years old) to perform their best on Christmas day. I didn’t manage to take photo because I’ve been running here and there making sure their costume is alright, everyone of them remembers the movement and they look good. Many people feedback that their dance is very nice and cute. All glory and praise be unto God.

Other than that, it’s also my joy to be able to serve with a great and humble dancer named Rachel Foon. She is a terrific dancer and she has a good heart. It’s really my pleasure to choreograph the dance with her for the Christmas Eve dance together with the three pretty Lo’s daughter. They are awesome. Able to adapt to the movement fast and they are so cute. Both of these dances have given me two months stress and tremendous time in practice. Thank God that it is all well performed and many people gave very good feedback. Again, all praise be to God. He deserves our best.
Christmas day has been a great day for me. Some people said that Christmas is about the joy of giving and sharing. Yesterday, I able to experience it. A dear friend of mine wanted to get the starbucks year planner so much and by the time she gets it, the smile on her face make us realize that the money we spent, is worth.At night, I have a great Christmas dinner and fellowship and playing Wii with the kids. Smile and laughter filled the whole day. I bought myself a pair of sandal for Christmas present. I also received a bible, a bag, a cup, a rabbit bank and chocolates as gift. Sure is a happy day…

** Be all glory unto Him **

Thursday, December 24, 2009

2nd year of Christmas in KK !!!

May we all find joy in this beautiful day.

** Merry Christmas **

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Giving thanks

Actually, to give thanks everyday is not an easy task. But I will always remind myself to give thanks when certain things break my heart after I been through some heart broken situation.

Yesterday, I get a very sad new and I cried after I heard it. Maybe for certain people, it doesn’t really matter because money can earn again but for me, it’s hard. I am not from a rich family and my parent has taught me to use money wisely. Whenever I see something that I love, many things will go through my mind. Questions such as worth or not, what it’s for, it’s a need or a want, when can I use this and it goes on.

But yesterday incident literally break my heart. I kept myself silent with tears dropping down.

In the few minutes of silent, I was amaze that I am counting my blessing and giving thanks. I give thanks that I able to experience the pain and the understanding. I give thanks that I understand that what matters is not the material but life. I give thanks that I able to see my own heart and I able to reflect myself with the situation that I am in.

In fact, it has strengthened me and reminded me again that money is not everything and God owns everything. He can give, he can take away. Will I still give thanks and trust Him? I found my answer.

It has deepened my trust in Him. Sometimes, things happen to inform us that actually, we are stronger than we think. God knows what we can take it but we don’t know.

** Stronger than you think **

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Why do people always find someone else to blame? Why? I really wish to know why. When things happen, it’s really easy just to point at so and so for not telling. So and so for not doing, so and so has not planned it earlier. And that so and so will try to defend because everyone play a role to make things work.

In the busiest months of the year, quarrel, blame, misunderstood and miscommunication are the things that can never be avoid. If so and so keep himself/herself silent, people will still stood and point and because so and so has not been explaining. Not explaining doesn’t mean so and so have to be blame or taking the blame. Sometimes, people stood silent only trying to make things less complicated and trying to solve more than complicated it.

Communication is two way street. The same goes to working with one another. How could you assume and when things got wrong, blaming for not telling, not planning, not knowing is always the first things that come out.

Being the leader is always the toughest. When certain unexpected things happen, the leader is the first one that should answer all the questions and explanation. The first one to blame, the last one to be appreciated. This is life I guess…

May God have mercy

** Blame **

Friday, December 11, 2009


December is the busiest month for us. With a pack Christmas schedule, I find myself having difficulties to have a relaxing day to blog about it. When I do, I wonder where to start. Not even reach half way of this writing, I have to leave my laptop behind and meet with someone else just before I forget something else.

Well, I guess this can give a clear picture of my past few weeks. After the refreshing and beautiful trip on Oct 09, coming back with a pack schedule with clergy meeting, standing committee meeting, ordination, confirmation service, haggai training continue with children worship conference, youth camp and coming children Christmas, youth Christmas, Christmas Eve service and Christmas day presentation and then follow with clergy retreat.

That’s my past few weeks and my future few weeks.

Till then… Merry Christmas

** December - the busiest month of the year **

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What come to your mind?

A pictures speaks a thousand words. What come to your mind when you saw this pictures?

** Happy Marriage? **

Monday, November 09, 2009


Today word:
Psalm 60

Today challenge:
Will you continue to be faithful in loving God when God has rejected you? Will you remain holding Him when he stops answer your prayer?

Future reminder:
Even when He disciplines you harshly, choose not to rebel and continue to hold on to Him and never let go because He never stop loving you. Those he loves, he will discipline them. Jenny Liau, you must always remember that.

** When faithfulness is tested, never let go **

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Have I not done my best?

Have you ever encountered where you are place in a position that you are helpless? Well, these two weeks, I have encountered it.

I can proudly stand before God saying that I have really did my part, did my best and yet people doubted my best, doubted my ability and pushing blame towards me saying that I should have look into that or in a sense, I should learn that.

Work has been a lot like hills and insufficient time for everything is already a normal thing for me and yet with all the expectation without telling, assuming without communicating…. Lord, you judge…

I have been screaming because of tension for past few weeks, screaming for not enough time and screaming for everything is so packed. When someone started to point finger and not understand the situation that I am in right now, I am sorry that I will explode also.

** Have I not done my best? You judge, Lord…. **

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Childlike Faith

Let me introduce this cute baby… His name is Ebenezer and he is Christina Foo’s first baby. He is adorable….

Observing a baby or a child, I have to admit that I have to tremendous lessons to learn from them. Having a childlike faith is really tough. The older you are, the harder you find yourself trusting people. It could be the side effect from your part hurt or you’re brought up. Childlike faith? I have it ones… But where it is now?

** Childlike faith **

Monday, October 19, 2009

Another day to ponder about His faithfulness

This morning, we have a new staff that joined our family… Yeah! The Lord answered one of our prayers. As I brief her about our office, introducing her to people around and telling her about the work that we all do… it reminds me the first day I came to work here. I still remember vividly. Its just like happened yesterday.

I cried all the ways here and I’ve been crying for months. Learning to adapt to the culture, the work, the people, the lifestyle…. Really tough but as time move really fast, this place has now become one of my comfort zones.

It’s good that sometimes God stop me for awhile and sits me down to think rather than going all the way heading no where. By the time I realize that, maybe I have already reached 30 years old.

It’s has been a year and 5 months. Lots of unanswered questions have been answered. Lots of unclear pictures are slowly become clearer. Walking under the umbrella with Him is really hard. Lots of obedient is required, lots of sacrificing is requested but I know He is still right there beside me with His colorful umbrella.

** Another day to ponder about His faithfulness **

Saturday, October 17, 2009


In a very short period of time, I will be reaching 26th years old. Scary? I think so too… I still remember when I was a little kids, I wish I was 25th back then. I thought that by the age of 25th, I will have a stable career, fixed income, I own a car myself and I can financially support my family.

Well, life is not as smooth sailing as I thought. I even wish that I’ll be married in the age of 25th. Hahaha… Thinking back about it really brings laughter about how na├»ve and simple I thought life was.

As 2009 reaching to an end, planning for next year started to begin. Age started to catch up and friends around started to have their own family.

I sat down and think… I am going to be 26th…. What have I achieved so far?

** Going to be 26th? So fast? **

Friday, October 16, 2009

16th October 2009

It's another month to be grateful... I miss him very much~~

** 16th October 2009 **

Friday, October 02, 2009


Perseverance is another tough path of life. Selected people will be able to taste the pain of perseverance but not everyone. Talking to a dear friend of mine making me realize that coming out from an almost ‘perfect’ family will also product two different mindset of people. The same childhood and yet one that is always happy and smooth sailing in his life while another one is filled with struggle and persistence.

Ever since I choose to walk this path, my path is filled with perseverance in pain. Crying out to God and asking..... How long more Lord? How long more? And yet…. I always get not even a word answer.

Crying for some people to repent and return to God…. Crying for generation to see Him… I will also ask.. Lord, how long more should we pray… That generation will turn back to you? How long more, should we pray?

Persistence in prayer is a new lesson for me in this path and I think in life journey, everyone of us will go through the persistence in prayer… and yet…. Sometimes, I will ask God, how long? How long more, Lord?

** Persistence in prayer **

Thursday, October 01, 2009

My office...

At last… It is totally clean and tidy la…

You will not want to know how messy it look like earlier on.. So, better don’t put the before picture here. Hehe…

** It is in order now **

Monday, September 28, 2009

Counting down....

6 more days…
Can’t wait…

** Counting down **

Friday, September 25, 2009

A heart voice of a friend…

Growing up in a Christian family, she has been well trained in education, leadership, music and etc. God has place a purpose in her life as well. He had placed a heavy heart on her. Every day, she struggle with searching… . Searching for His presence, searching for His love, searching for His answers, searching to know Him more…. Many voices, many ways around her… Only one heart, two hands struggling deep inside just to find the only way that He has made for her to walk.

Many times in her life, she turns left and right and she could see the whole pictures faster than anyone else, quicker than those that never notice. She heard their cry, she knows the need and yet God stood silently in her path without a word. She is lead by Him a step at a time and each steps, it requires a bigger trust, a bigger faith.

Circumstances in her life have stopped her steps because she is trap in a fallen world. Struggling to walk out of it and yet burdens that tied her and no one can release it. Friends that understand her struggles and yet find no words to comfort because there is really no word to assured her.

Only He can assured her… Only He can comfort. May the Strong and Mighty one that never let us down fall His comfort and encouragement on her. That again, she can walk with hope in front and silently she knows He is God.

** May she find her comforts when only He can gives**

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When comforts needed...

A word from Him, better than a thousand words from else where. A day with Him, better than a thousand days elsewhere.

** Comforted **

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Lord said...

Do not be anxious….

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. [Jeremiah 29:11]

** The Lord said... **

Friday, September 04, 2009

Reality vs Cartoon

You thought that you have seen Bart Simpson before……

Wait for it….












Ta da………

Look alike? This is with spec one ah...

** Reality vs Cartoon **

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Stress out!

Responsibilities getting bigger and bigger
Task list getting longer and longer
Time passes faster and faster
Year end coming sooner and sooner
Spending time together lesser and lesser
Wishing for a break stronger and stronger

** May His grace be sufficient….
Day after days… **

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let man be man and let God be God

People expectation toward the professions that we’re working in is really high.

Some expect us to be a saint
Some expect us to be a superman
Some expect us to be a maid
Some expect us to drop down everything that we’re handling when they called in
Some even expect us to be god

We’re only human. Why not let human be human and let God be God? Expect a lot from us just because we work in a church where sinners attend?


** Let God be God **

Monday, August 24, 2009

Everyday prayer

May You help me to see You clearer
Walk with You closer
And love You dearly
Day by day….

** I pray… **

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Enjoy working…

I still remember vividly when it comes to weekend, I am so happy. But before Monday is here, I’ll be starting to repeat the word, ‘tomorrow I have to work ooooo……..’

I used to hate Monday a lot even when I were schooling. I started to hate Monday when I reach the age of 14. During my teenager life, friends are like the most important thing in life. It seems like we all can’t live without friends around us. Haha… Thinking it back, it’s kinda funny because we can live without anyone. Without anyone, life still has to move on.

In my teenager period, I have bunch of great church friends and childhood friends but not school friends. That’s why I hate Monday. I hate going back to school but I love to go to church because all my good friends are in the church but we studied in different school.

This kind of life last… last for quite a while. The same goes to work for me last time. I really hate Monday…

Later on, I found out that I started to stop hating Monday and stop repeating myself that statement after I’ve change to my current job now.

To put aside all the high expectation, never ending works and stresses all the time, I think I really like my job. I don’t complain when I have to stay up late to get things done, I don’t hate Monday anymore and I enjoy every small little thing that I do.

Wow… I guess I really like my job. Interesting….

** Enjoy my work **

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wish to see....Animals...

This morning, I was talking to Danny about animals that I wanted to see since I was a little kids….

First of all, I loves Wombat… they are cute.. Saw them before ones when I was 12 and ever since, I wish to see them again.
2. Sheep… Baby sheep - To reflect what the bible really means.
3. Llama – Because of the cartoon ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’
4. Meerkat – Because of the cartoon ‘Lion King’
5. Panda – Because I see them on news about how pity they are
6. Platypus – Last time study about this kind of animal
7. Penguin – Not really a fans but I still wish to see them if they are pretty

So far, only can think of 7... Maybe there is more. Big fans...Big fans...

** Big fans **

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I found it…

To buy something special for someone special is really a hard thing to do. I always find difficulties in buying stuff for her. Not because she is bossy but she seems like has everything already. Although she always said it’s not about the gift, but it’s about the heart but I still find difficulties in searching one thing that suits her for any event.

After I browse through a friend’s blog, the first thing that came into my mind is…. At last, I found something that I can buy.
Loves to see her dress up with jewelry on. Then I will tell myself, see… I knew she looks pretty.

The prices are crazy… I literally got myself a shock when I know how much it cost. I shall find that shop when time has come. I feel so good when I finally found something. Just hope that it looks as beautiful as it is when I tried it on.

** At last….. **

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

SOMA weeks

We’ve been super busy for the pass weeks because of SOMA (Sharing Of Ministries Abroad). Preparation for it is always the busiest moment.

Let the pictures speaks more than word. Thanks to dearly friend of mine for her photo which I actually stole it.
SOMA notice board - when people come in, the first thing they see is this board. Then they will be guided to the registration counter.
The gang that try to solve unseen problem and plan the worst come to worst solution while trying to relax and release some "situation stress".

Awesome respond....

Consecration of the Assistant Bishop Service - Bishop Melter Tais (A humble man of God)

Continue with celebration dinner of the Assistant Bishop in the Magellan Sutera.

The whole conference is a success though we have rooms to improve. Due to busyness and trying to make things work, i have to confess that i didn't really get the message but i will buy the recording disc to listen. The preachers are awesome.

I have a great time fellowshipping with an old friend of mine which we seldom hang out because both of us have our own church and stuff to be madly busy about. Through this conference, I enjoy hanging with her. She offers great help. She has always been a great friend. There to listen and there to help. People that know her will want to treat her with lots of love because she is such a great friend.

** SOMA Weeks **

Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's Word from Heaven

God said, “You are my beautiful maiden. I have wonderfully and fearfully made you. I form every part of you with care and I love you with an everlasting love.”

[I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well – Psalm 139:14]

** Today's word **

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Today’s dress…

Today I get some compliment that I am wearing a nice dress.
All Credit goes to my best friend because she bought me this dress. She is always caring and loving. She has a great taste also…

Today is my second time wearing it because the dress is a bit short.

But I still love it. Love the dress and love the giver even more.

** Love my best friend **

Saturday, August 08, 2009

So happy for them...

Oh my… Because he has cut his hair and we seldom see each other, I nearly don’t recognize him when I first get his mms. Oh my... Have to 3G with him more.
Congratulation for the newly weds. Happy and excited for them even we are far apart. We’ve been talked about them since last week. Hahahaha…. They are truly meant for each other.

Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate. – Mark 10:9

** Congratulation!!! **

Friday, August 07, 2009

To get well soon…

Have to eat healthy…
Eat medicine on time…
Pamper myself a bit…Hehe…

I’m better now. At least the medicine from doc work and I hope that today I don’t have to carry tissues around.

** Getting better **

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Ha Chu!!!!!

Flu again... Oh man... I am confuse that i am flu or sinus. This keep coming back and the worst is, i overslept this morning because of the medicine that i ate last night and this morning, i still carry lots of tissues around. Oh my... The medicine is not working. Gosh... I guess i really need to pay a visit to the doctor's room.

Ah chu..... Oh.... Headache now... Lord, i cannot sick. SOMA is coming and i have no time to sick...

** Sneeze **

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Another stressful day!

When I get stress, I draw and I draw during meetings… meetings that never end.

Work is getting more and more and I just don’t know should start from where.

** Stressful day **

Monday, August 03, 2009

Brown & Pink!

Today is match day...
My shirt and skirt matches my shoes color....

** Yeah!!! Brown & Pink **

Learning to love

Everyone will agree that love is the greatest gift of all. Some quotes said that to be able to love and to be love in return is the sweetest feeling. God is love… and God place a deep desire for us to receive love and to love others in our life.

But love is also the most difficult lesson to learn. As I drank my coffee and have a few biscuit for breakfast this morning, my mind started to mediates on yesterday sermon. These past few weeks, we’ve been studying the book of 1 John. Repeated sermon is shared and all summarize into one word – LOVE.

When you have everything and yet no Love, it’s equals to nothing. Interesting isn’t it?

Sitting there and listening to the sermon, a friend of mine said, “We read this passage before”. I replied, “Ya, 1 John is about love and love is the most difficult thing to learn on earth”. Then she said, “Ya, and you still love Danny that much.” I paused for awhile and said, “Ya, I still love him so much”.

Someone said that to love someone that you love is easier than to love someone that you don’t like at all. As for me, I think that to love someone that I love so much is difficult and to love someone that I don’t like at all is also difficult and I concluded it as, love is never easy.

I used to be someone that loves to share my thought. But as I grow, I started to be share less, talk less and even love less. When you experience pain before, it’s not that easy to just give your heart to someone because you learn to protect yourself and be defensive. The same goes to me. I find myself stop sharing when I started to realize that when I shared, people start to conclude me the way they thought. Even with the closest people in my heart, I seldom shared. With not sharing, I started to slowly withdraw myself from love. Love is the last opinion I will take in the whole relationship or friendship. These few weeks sermon has really gives me a big challenge and struggle.

** May God give courage **

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lord, have mercy….

One fine day…

A colleague walks into my room and we started to discuss on work. Out of no where, I asked her a question. Who is the hardest guy/gal that you have ever worked with?

She thinks for a while and replied;
Well… No one.. By God’s grace, everyone is quite easy to work with. The most difficult one to work with is I, myself.

I totally agreed… Sometimes, not other people that caused me problem in working together but it’s myself that stopping me from it.

Many times in life, we all know what need to do, what we should do, how should we do it and why we must do it. But how many people will really do what they know they should do and do what they need to do? Knowing what need to do and doesn’t apply to what you should be doing equals to not knowing it at all.

** Lord, have mercy… **

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Healthy Week

It’s a healthy week for me this week while I continue to try to reduce the roundness of me.

** May God gives wisdom... **