Saturday, January 28, 2006

My Year...New vision...New resolution

At last, I get my own blog. I don't really know why I want a blog. Maybe this blog can help me improve a lot in my English writing as I thought about it myself one fine day. Maybe I get to know myself even better through dropping down here.

Hmm...Year 2005 have past, now facing 2006 but the first month of 2006 are almost fade away. Time pass like rocket. When I sit down and think back...don't really remember what I’ve been gone through last year. But, there are things that I kept on staring at the window, looking up to the sky and give Thanks to my heavenly father.

He is indeed a Great and Mighty God that never give me up. He provides different people to be in my life and some of them, they left footprint in my heart. A lot of happy and sad things but let this all be a Glory for your Name. Well, it’s time to move on with new vision, new resolution and New Year. Hmm… What should I do in this New Year? Get to work on some breakthrough in my life. I pray that God will guide me through this year. Prayerfully things will be better and life are easier meanwhile enjoy an everlasting relationship with God. Having a relationship with “man” are so much easier than having a relationship with God. God is invisible. Lord, if you can use anything, you can use me. This is my prayer for this year.