Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Happy birthday

Today is my lovely friend / cell leader / mom in the spiritual family birthday. I would like to take this opportunity to wish her happy birthday. May God love her, she get prettier and prettier and she will find joy in her life.

Actually, I try to plan her surprise party but sometimes, we just couldn’t control everything. So, we bought her a cake and try to surprise her other way round. In the end, it still failed. But I saw that she is happy, and we are happy as well.

Talk about happiness, it remind me my wishes for all my friends. There are many times that I try to protect certain people because I love them a lot. I don’t hope that they will end up hurting and sad. I don’t like to see people that matter a lot to me feel sad and down. I will feel sad as well. As long as they are happy, I am happy. As for me, friend rule are only one. If they are happy, I’m happy. All I wish is for them to be happy. Happy with their life.

Today 060607, would like to take this opportunity to tell her that she meant a lot to us. I still remembered vividly every season I spend with her. Seasons of sad, disappointment, happy and crazy, she is there. I thank God that He places her in my life. There was one incident that she has to choose me and someone else to continue to stay in our cell group. At first, I told her that, she should choose the other party because I think that the other party will need you guys more than me. In the end, she chooses me. I was so happy because I can still be with my family now. Every little thing that our whole cell group had been through before really meant a lot to us. I guessed it mean even more to her as well because she paid more than anyone else, give more than anyone else and love unconditionally.

Well, I can say that she is good. Good enough to teach us and rebuke us. Ya, no one is perfect but in this family of mine, I learn to accept who they are and love them with God’s love. Together we continue to share Jesus and touch lives.

I love her a lot…. I pray that she has a wonderful life and she will continue to love God and love us. She is not perfect, but we love her for who she is.

People said, true friend are hard to find… I thank God that I found a few. Forever or not is not my option but I appreciated every time I am there with them.

**Friends forever**