Monday, December 31, 2007

It’s another one year…

One fine day, as I read back my blog, arranged the photo, memories flies around. Lots of tears, lots of pain, lots of laughter, lots of joy, lots to give thanks, lots I’ve learn, lot of break through in the journey of life and lots of up and down.

In the beginning of the year, I cut my hair… as a sign of new start, new begin, new chapter of life. I guess I’m not going to do that again this year. Our previous cell group has grown larger and larger. From only a few kitten to about 12 peoples. We all have a wonderful time when we used to be that big. Although a bit difficult to manage a lot and care for all of them, there is always something we cannot deny is that, we have terrific time together. Although now left only 5 of us… we still have fun and deeper sharing.

Later on, I went back to my hometown for Chinese New Year celebration. Happily I meet up old friends, spend time with my parents and we have fun there and I went to my friend wedding as well. The first time I spend Valentines Day alone after so many years. Indeed, I feel good, spent my time with Grace and Mic Mic, get a bouquet of Ferrero Rocher from Grace as my Valentines Day gift and also two sunflowers from Danny and Timothy. I guessed spent valentines alone is not that bad after all. I didn’t expect that going back to the place I born will actually tears my heart apart. Most of the place I go, past memories came back to me, scene by scene, places by places. Although its pain going back and seeing all these memories again but God is always good. God knows where I’ve started it and He knows where I should end it. In that place, I surrender and settled what I should give it to God and not carrying it myself.

The breakthrough for me this year was, I went to Genting Highlands alone. I can’t believe that I’ve did it but in fact, I did. One of the biggest fears for me last time is that, being alone. I don’t like to be alone or stay alone. I will feel very lonely. I challenged myself to be alone and went to a place that I’m not familiar with and stay alone and spend time with God alone. It is a good experience and I’ve learn a lot in this trip. Not only that I enjoy of being alone and spending time alone, I find back myself and I find back my focus in life.

Continuously… I started to have feeling for someone else. Started to pray and think about him more and more each day. Started to care for him little bit more and more and without my realization, we’ve fall in love with each other more and more each day. And here is it, I’m in a new relationship. He is special, he is a gift from God, he is cute and I just love and feel comfortable to be with him.
In the middle of the year, we have family camp in our church and we spend 3 nights 4 days in peace heaven near Genting Highlands. This was a great camp. I personally learn a lot about the doctrine of God and live life out with faith. We have this game called games of life. Throughout this game, everyone learned their lesson. From this camp, I able to experience how crushed I was past years and how God has slowly picked me up and mould me to become who He want me to be in the future.

This year, I went to 3 weddings. It’s good to see people getting married. It’s a beautiful occasion with many happy faces and beautiful dresses.

I went to Terengganu for relaxing trip around June…

Parents are here and bringing them around. Have fun spending time with them.

However, 2007 has been a fruitful year for me. Been to many places, learn to relax myself, learn to love, learn to accept, learn to give, learn to share, learn to be a listener and learn to be quiet.

Early of this year, I walked the journey of silence. Whereby no one knows, no one understands and I find myself in the wilderness alone. I prayed, but it was not listened. I cried, but no tear was shed. Most of the time, I’ve been struggling and struggling, waiting and waiting. I don’t know what I’m waiting for. Have no idea what I’m struggling about. I choose to endure, I choose to be patient. It takes time to know… and time makes it clearer for me.

Can’t believe that it’s been a year…. I’ve breakthrough… transition period… break down period and stand up period…

I’m excited for next year. It will be another challenging year. Last day of year 2007, with a grateful heart, I give thanks and I count my blessing. Good or bad, it’s from God. Good or bad, I give Him praise. Sorrow or joy, give Him praise. Success or fail, I give Him praise. For He deserve all of our praise. Thank you Lord for this whole year…


Friday, December 28, 2007


There is something very special about music. Music can lead you back to the past. Not like back to the future but music can bring you back the moment where you’ve forgot how it feels like. Sometimes, when you heard specific songs, you’ll remember vividly the whole situation such as the moment, the feelings, the atmosphere, the conversation and so on. I guessed that’s the beauty of music.

Some songs will means something to someone while some songs will be their nightmare. As I’m listening to one of the Hillsongs, it leads me back to the place where I thought I’ve forgotten. I still remember clearly why I love that song so much. I guessed I’ve changed. That song no longer in my favorite list.

After not talking to him face to face for almost one and a half year, I thought it will be weird when we talked back. I guessed it’s not that bad after all. We have this opportunity to meet last night and we acted normal so as our conversation. Not a very long conversation but I’m glad that it proves that we can still be friends. I thought I can face him no more for the rest of my life, I was wronged.

God is always good. He knows when the right time is. He knows when is the right time for us to meet and become friends again. I’m happy and so is he. At last, it’s settled.
So as my heart and my emotion.


New building

22.12.07 – The first Saturday night service in FCC new building.
I’m excited and I have fun helping around. Although not much visual memories are captured but those who went to help will agreed with me that we have fun and have fellowship.
The building nice, the room is medium size, can’t really fit in all and we are looking for the sanctuary to be done and have our worship there.
New Year coming, new building ready… next year, will be an excited year.

**New Building**

Thursday, December 27, 2007

It’s the last day of the old building

Every one of us in FCC is very excited for this new church. After a few years of praying and giving, at last… we have our own building. We are moving to our new building. I, myself is very excited for this new building that belong to us. It’s really a very meaningful moment whereby the values are undefined. Money couldn’t buy these moments. Every one of us prayed and gives thanks to God for his grace and mercy.

I sat there, memories flash back… giving thanks to God and with a grateful heart; I started to count my blessing. People around me take pictures to try to grab the moment so that they’ll remember and hope that they will always remember this moment. This is life… not about riches and power... It’s about the moment. Where you’ll stop the time to think and give thanks.

Mixed feeling is all I can feel. Happy… sad… excited… fearful…grateful…
Happy coz we’re moving forward… sad coz I have to push myself to move forward, my past will be my past… excited coz there will be more to do, more to learn, more to serve… fearful coz I scared I couldn’t give the best to Him… grateful coz He is faithful… never leave us no matter how poor and how suffer we are.

Can’t wait for this new building and in the other hand, it’s sad to let go what we used to have in the old building. In this church, I grown, I shaped, I molded, I learned, I enjoyed, I endured, I become stronger and I’m clearer.
With everything that we have, we give thanks.

**FCC, the best place to be**