Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wish everyone have a beautiful and meaningful Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I've been a blogger for 3 years

As I was trying to search back the previous post that I posted about the new phone which is the phone I am using now but it was new last time. I was trying to count how many years has this phone accompany me and I kept searching for that post and yet I didn't get it. In the midst of searching, I realize that I've been a blogger since January 2006 and from there onward, I started to write what I've been through every season of my life. The main purpose for me to start a blog is actually to drop down what I've been through and for myself to see how God has lead me through from a chapter of life to another chapter.

The previous name for my blog is Jannie's Space. Later on, I changed it to A Preparation Journey. In Jannie's Space, I still remembered that my blog is brown in color. But I didn't use this title for long. After a heart broken incident, I started to think for a change. Well, when you no longer want to remember your past, you will try to change a lot of things. I still remembered that I changed my hairstyle, my blogspot title, most of my clothing, my watch, and my lifestyle. I thought about delete the whole blog and create a new one but no matter how I would like to forget my past, I know that I will not able to make it because my past will always remain my history because it is in me, it is with me and it is what I've been through. So, some people asked me, why do you still keep your blog after you have a broken heart? I will only smile and answered, because this leads me to become who I am today.

Later on, I change my title to a preparation journey because I believe that the journey that I am walking now is a preparation journey. That's why I put the description as a journey that will mould me to prepare to be a faithful follower, a humble servant, a passionate lover, a supportive wife, a godly mother and a better person. With this title, I change from brown to blue and from blue color to now orange. Next year, I was thinking to change the color again. With changing colors, it shows that it's another new year, another new chapter of life again.

Previously, many people will drop by my blog to read. I guess when there is something interesting happen in your life, people will want to know more. Later on, people that drop by my blog is lesser.

My best friend said that, "I bet you won't write long" but low and behold, I became a blogger for 3 years and will continue in the coming 2009. I see people blog, I thought they will be a faithful blogger too, well… I guess you can't judge a book by its cover after all.

p/s: With browsing through the past post will always motivate myself to take more photo and make my blog interesting again. Can do it or not, it's another story.

** Blogger for 3 years**

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My phone broke

Sad incidents happen because my phone has turn to white screen only. Although it can still operate like normal but all I can see is only white color. So sad… coz that phone is an answered prayer from God and a gift from my best friend. Feel sad because after I have spend so many years with it, I have to let go because it's time has come.

** Sad… **

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Girls night out

In this holiday season, everywhere is decorated but seems like Kota Kinabalu decoration is not as pretty as what we expected. Anyway, last night, i have dinner with ex-classmate and we have fun. Well, what else girls will do when we talk about fun?We go almost every where to search for nice Christmas decoration and take photo. Though not many nice picture but we still enjoy the time of being together. Although we can't celebrate Christmas together but dinner together is also about spending time with someone that you love.So here we have, Sutera Harbour Resort Christmas tree....

And the girls..

The girls again...

This picture... Oh ya, i put it in coz both of them look nice and it is a nice picture. It is always a beautiful moment when you can hang out with old friends, laugh at the past when this and that used to happen and who and who got nick name... In a beautiful cold and christmas feel restaurant while some chistmas song is in the air and we laugh and talk, it really make our heart felt warm. But one of us will further her study soon. Maybe the moment like this will not be that often anymore.

**Girls night out**

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It really make me think…

After 3 weeks of busy life, I guess life started to slow down. Not so slow but slower than the previous weeks. There are still stuff need to rush, things need to follow up and done before New Year comes. Can't believe that in less than one month, I have to settle most of the things. Did I just say that life is not as busy as previously? I guess I'm wrong. Life is still busy coz I forgot that New Year is coming. Sometimes, I just wish that time can stop for awhile. I am rushing for time which everyone is doing so and most people also think that it is ridiculous.

It’s been a while now when both of us are busy for our own work and also ministry. Both of us have a team of people that we have to take care, work that are never ends and different time of working. Most of the time, I have to rest early due to the culture and the early schedule of the next morning, whereby he has a different schedule of life. He can sleep till late morning, but have to work till midnight. Well, basically I also have to work till midnight but only on special occasion and event. With this, in turn out that I am the one that always wait, always staring at the phone wondering when will it rang again and always I am the one that accidentally felt asleep and the hot topics of how was your day had just pass by without really put it into a conversation. When the new day came, new topic we would like each other to know and the previous one, seems have left so far. And when certain things happen, then only each of us realized that; oh ya, I didn't tell you this. When the 'oh ya… I didn't tell you' this statement come out, seems like it's been ages we didn't spend time to talk.

Sometimes, it will feel a bit weird. Weird that why I don't know? But always the same reason will be given that is, ooo… I forgot to tell you. And when the statement 'forgot to tell' come out, it really shows that we spend lesser time now. Sometimes, it will really end up a thought of what do you expect? Both of us are really busy. Not those fake busy but we all have our own responsibilities, our own burden, our own lifestyle and sad to say, our own gang of friends.

A day pass…. And another day pass… it's been like this for three weeks. Long distances sucks? Or communication breakdown? What else is new?

**It really make me think**