Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A testimony

My name is Jenny Liau. I was born in Sandakan, Sabah in an ordinary Christian home with a great family. I have an elder sister and a younger brother. I was brought up by my mom. Since I was a little girl, my mom brought us to church. I know more about Christ through the faith of my mother and the stories that are told in Sunday’s school. Since young, I was being taught that God is my friend.

But I have not truly known him as a friend because many times I talk to him, he remain silence and when I try to listen to his reply, I felt asleep.

I grew up in a church knowing what I should do and what I shouldn't do. Most of the times, it has been a follow the rules kind of attitude than knowing it in my heart what it really means.

Since I was a little girl, God has been in my life but we don't really have a close relationship. If you ask me do i love Him? I surely do. But do i know him? Well… not really.

I have most of the encounter with God when I start to step out of my comfort zone, when I have to be alone in a foreign place leaving my parents and all my friends. My relationship with God started to built because I learned that He is my only refuge and comforter.

One of the most significant encounters with God was when I went though my life deepest struggle and the darkest moment of my soul. My heart was broken and I feel that my soul is lost. I couldn't find my way back. It's scary to feel broken and lost.

In that moment, the Lord shows me His promise and his comfort. For it is written that a broken and contrite heart, He will not despise. I manage to feel it with my heart knowing that He is with me. Every steps of the path, He carries me. I can even visualize it knowing that He carry me on His shoulder and my tears drop to His shoulder. I can feel that His heart is even more pain than mine seeing me going through what I have to go through. He is indeed my true friend and my comforter. When I can finally walk myself again, I can feel that He put me down from His shoulder and He hold my hand with a smile on His face assure me that everything will be alright because He is with me.

With this encounter, anything that I am going through now, I will not be afraid because He is with me. This encounter had built our relationship, had made me stronger and had given me the eternal promise that God will be with me and He will love me with His everlasting love. For nothing will separate us.

The changes in me are not the dramatic type but God has slowly lead me step by step from taking care of my since I am a baby to leading me slowly to know Him and now serving Him with what I have, with all I have.

The Lord is truly my God, my best friend, my refuge and my stronghold. In Him, I find peace and joy.

** My Saviour is Jesus Christ **

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Sometimes, I get stuck. What to write next? What is the first word that should be put on it to make it sound more professional? Stuck… Man.. I hate it when I am stuck.. Have to find high and low for that one word. There are really thousands of words in English words but due to my limitation, I get stuck. Man.. This is not good.

Sometimes, words just float in my mind and I can write smoothly in less than ten minutes. Read more, read more… Inspiration come more.. Come more…

How to continue… Oh Lord, please give the words… I am literally stuck with words now.

People said read more english word and watch more english movie, your english will improve.. Trust me, i am doing that..

** Stuck **

Monday, March 01, 2010


I am blessed that He gave us the opportunity to serve Him together as a family. Though we are not perfect but we willing to learn to love each other as who we are.
Together, we go through tears and joy.A nice picture. How i wish the person next to me is another him.
** Family **