Tuesday, February 28, 2012

101 things

Feels like there are 101 things that I have to do

Have to do all these in 60 days
1.Medical check-up
2.Makeup and hair trial
5.Passport photos
7.Marriage cert
8.Find heels
9.Find accessories
10.Photo taking venue
11.Gown trying
12.Non-stop exercising
13.Reception table
14.Pay d├ęcor
15.Look into transport
16.Wedding rehearsal
17.Luncheon logistic
18.Invitation card
19.Book hotel
20.Plan travel
21.Service order
22.Photo taking order
23.Procession song
24.Dinner casual dress

Other than all these, normal office work, additional office work and ministry…

My life is so fruitful.

** Oh Lord, may you help us… **