Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One of the New Year resolutions

One of it is to learn how to bake a cake. Well, I do not have an oven now, so, gonna fulfilled it with trying a no-bake cheese cake as I heard a lot of people said that it is so easy to make.

Therefore, as I do research on it, I found this…

Nutella Cheese Cake. … Just looking at the picture I can taste the delicious of it… But when I watch youtube on how to make one, my goodness… It goes up to 700 calories per slide. Whoever that eat this cake is seriously gonna gain lots of weight.

Anyway, I think I still gonna try to make it and have a bit of it and the rest of it, will share with everyone… Finger crossed and hope I success…

** If success, one check on the New Year Resolution **