Monday, November 26, 2007


A beautiful day….

Wake up at 8.15am… feel excited. Will they come early? Should I prepare now? What should I do now? What’s the first thing I need to prepare?

Give Grace a phone call and asked her who else will be ushering later? Sms a few people, to make sure they reach on time.

Get myself ready for a bath, do mask, get my hair done, jewelry on, make up on and prepare to go out. With an excited heart I prayed to God. Saying good morning to Him… Telling Him this is the day… it’s a beautiful day. Pray that everything will be smooth and I can do the best for them. Pray also that I able to enjoy myself and have fun.

Reach church 10.00am, went around searching for Grace. Wait for the rest of the usher to come and start briefing them what to do. Everyone look pretty and the groom looks happy. With his best suit, he gives the best smile.

Relative started to come… fellowshipping around. I heard lots of laughing and lots of sharing. They enjoy themselves and so do us that help around and rush around just to make things better.

It’s 10.45am, the groom prepared himself. He stood in front of the altar, facing pastor and wait for his bride. We get people sat down and prepare ourselves for the bride.

Clock tick 11.15am, the bride is here. She looks beautiful and I told her that she looks awesome. The wedding march start to played, she holds her father hand and walk down the aisle like a princess.

Everyone stood up… give their smile to her and from their eyes, they tell her that she’s beautiful.

The wedding service started…. Piano was played… people singing songs to give thanks to God. God’s word was read out by the groom sister’s, sermon was preached, they vowed before each other and before God, exchanged of wedding rings, the groom kissed the bride and they are pronounced as husband and wife.

Tears in my eyes, joy in my heart… after a long journey of being together, they’ve finally married. I understand how it feels and I know how happy they are. After 10 years, they finally married. I’m extremely happy.

After the wedding, we have our own fun too… taking picture around, hang out together and fellowship with one another.

Congratulation Desmond and Flora…. May God’s love be with you guys that the love for one another will get deeper and deeper as you guys spend everyday together and grow old together.

** So happy for them**

Monday, November 12, 2007

Love the giver, not the gift

It’s been a while that I’ve stopped the habit of dropping things down because most of the time I have no word from my mind. I have bunch of feelings and the feelings flying here and there and yet I just couldn’t find a word to express what I wanted to said or feel.

Today, I have a few words that I would love to drop it down. Love the giver not the gift. Unconsciously, I’ve love the gift more than I love the giver. I’ve sees my gift more important than I sees the giver. I thought that this is what He wants me to do, but He asks me to let go. For it is not my will but His be done.

Maybe I’ve stop the habit of writing too long, I have difficulties in finding words.

From that day onward, I see things more clearly, I know the time that I’ve waited is not wasted and I know things will be more and more excited. I know why, I know how and I know which stand I should stand.

Again, after all… May Your will be done in my life.

**Love the giver, not the gift**