Monday, April 28, 2008

To be continue…

Well, like that…I’m 24th. Only one single day, I’m now in the column of 24-26 instead of 21-23. No longer 21st, no longer 18th now.

So, after worked, I waited Danny to pick me up and we have our dinner in Mc Donald and some chit chat with some friends. When I reach home, I was thinking to clean my room just for the sake of going to celebrate my birthday, wish to have a clean and tidy room. Low and behold, when I open my room door, everything is in order and it’s clean. I looked at him and smile. With a big hug and said thank you. So touch… he clean my room again. :)

Since I don’t need to clean the room so I took bath and have some rest. Eventually, my rest will lead me to sleep. I slept for half an hour and I was awake by the small sound of whispering. Open up my eyes, I saw a book that I long to buy and I wish to read. I wish to buy that novel so much because the content in it is so attractive. Once I start to read that novel in the bookstore popular, I cannot let go. There are a lot more books that I wish to buy before I go; therefore I have to let go of the novel that I love so much. Who knows, he bought it for me just as a surprise present. I am really happy and ask him, how do you know? Then I laugh myself and think it’s kinda obvious coz I keep mention about the book and keep thinking wanted to buy or not and what are the reasons not to buy it. Now, I hold it happily and read it cheerfully.

After the book, I read one chapter and prepare for my TV - American idol and American next top model. That’s how I spend my last day of being 23rd.

Thank you for those who remember and greet me. I received a few unexpected calls, sms and gifts. Indeed, I’m happy and blessed. Never expect certain people will remember but they did and expected certain people to remember but they didn’t greet me. Anyway, no matter you remember or not, I’m still happy and blessed with friends and family around. Another blessed day and another meaningful birthday.

**Happy Birthday to me**

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The last day of 23rd

Tomorrow onward, I’ll be 24th. Hmm… how do it feel to be 24th? Well, I do miss the time when I was young and energetic. Not to said that I’m no longer that active but my activeness have limits nowadays. Growing old is actually a really scary things. Maybe you never realize that you walk slower than others, you forgot things faster than other people and you can no longer walk a few shopping malls in one day. Well, I didn’t said that I’m that old. Anyhow, 24th is still a beautiful age to go passionate and crazy for God.

The last day of being 23rd…..hmm….

This morning I wake up with a thought in my mind. Tomorrow is my birthday. How do I feel? How would I want that day to be? To be normal like everyday basis or to be extraordinary and try different things? wait… before that, maybe I should settle today. So, last day of 23rd ya. I’ll never have my 23rd again. I guess today I should do something that I never do before. Maybe:-

#Watch movie alone? – After work is 5pm and I need to stay at home to prepare to watch American Idol at 9.30pm, plus and minus with bath and dinner I guess not much time left for me to watch movie alone

#Eat alone? – Normally Danny will eat with me. If so I eat alone, I tried that before so, next….

#Eat only ice cream for the whole day? – Now is 1.35pm and it’s half day so, not really into eating ice cream for the whole day

#Eat chocolate only? Wow…. This is tempting… but I don’t think so

#Fly kite with Danny? – This is something I always beg him to do with me but where to find kite in such a short time and where is the place to fly it up?

#Watch sunset? Cool… this is nice but off work at 5pm and plus the jam… I afraid that I’ll end up frustrated more than happy on my last 23rd

So far, that’s all I got in my mind. I guess I just pass my last day simply with someone that I love so much, care a lot and count my joy and blessing that God is with me for pass 23 years. No matter where I go, as long as I’m happy, in a great mood, a normal and routine day can be a bright and interesting day. :)

**The last day of 23rd**

Monday, April 14, 2008


How do we normally define the word, stronger?

You felt down, you cry. You pick yourself up, you grow stronger? Or emotionless?

You face life heartache journey. You cry aloud and you learn to take care of your own heart. You become stronger? Or selfish?

You face financial crisis. You learn to save and cherish every penny. You learn to be stronger? Or stingy?

What is the definition?

I am leaving… I cry… time pass… I adapted to it… tears no longer an issue for me. I become stronger? Or become heartless?


Thursday, April 10, 2008

The journey

Last night, I realise that many people are leaving. Some to further their study; some go after their own dream, some trying to settle down into a more stable life while some would like to set their path right. Like it or not, there is a road that we have to travel individually.

The statement of ‘people come and go; only true friends will leave heart print in your heart’ has become so real. The journey of life is so long. When we were kids, friends that we meet are different. Things that we expect or required from them are different. When we grown a little bit into becoming youth, some of us might forgot the friends that we use to play with when we were kids past few years.

After youth, we become young adult. College life started to be busy and tons of assignment is closer to the due date. Friends that we made and friends that are around us are no longer the same. Some will get closer of you because you’re smart. Meanwhile other will try to get your favour for the sake of your car. The older you grow, the less true friends you found.

In every season of life, I believe that there will be someone God provide to keep you accompany and to walk with you. When you’ve reach the end of the season, it will be the time you said goodbye to the friend that used to walk with you and said hello to a new friend for the next period of life. The cycle will go on and once you ruin the opportunity, you ruin the friendship.

I like it or not, people come and people go. No matter how much we used to stop the changes and pray that things will remain the same. Yet it remains changing without anyone’s approval.

There is a road that I will travel and adventure with someone else. The same goes to every one of us. I give thanks for those to walk with me, cry with me, laugh with me, play with me, pain with me, crazy with me, grow up with me, stay still with me, and pray for me. With a grateful heart, I give thanks to God. We might not be that close anymore when we meet again in the future. Maybe awkward feeling will appear and can’t think of any topic to start the conversation or to continue the discussion but I want everyone that closed to me before to know that when I walk with you, I cherish the time that we used to have together and I have fun.

**Happy going, happy growing**

Friday, April 04, 2008

So this is it then…

The uncertainties have become certain now. The unsure is now become surer and surer. The time is here; the opportunity is just in front of my next steps.

I’ve been struggling, been waiting, been asking and it is here now.

As the day coming closer and closer, I feel excited about it. Happy and joyful continuously come. As the time is here, I began to see the picture. Although my future is unsecured and still filled with uncertainties but with the promise that God is always with me, God is my security who is against me?

Seriously, I’m not afraid in what I’ll meet later on in my life, in where I’ll stayed or what I’ll eat to get myself full but I will face heartache in another step that I will take.

The last thing that I will ask for is to feel what I’m going to feel. The feeling of missing someone so much and yet you can do nothing about it. You can only hear from him/her. Literally only can hear.

My heart grows cold and my appetite will turn down. Although you know it’s just the matter of time and yet it is tough for me. My goose bump will rise up and tears will fall from my cheek non-stop. I hug you to let you know how I feel and I never want to let you go. I will never let go….

**This is it**