Friday, December 31, 2010

Flash back...

A year of ‘Never giving up’
A year of being crushed and mould
A year of standing up again and again
A year of rebuking
A year of correcting
A year of challenging
A year of tears
A year of discouragement
A year of not good enough
A year of being apart and together
A year of least pictures
A year of my greatest dream comes true
A year of engagement
A year of missing long distance relationship
A year of providing
A year of breakthrough
A year of Evangelism
A year of crying out to God
A year of becoming tougher

Will be a year of 'Being still and know He is God'
Will be a year of faith
Will be a year of counting my blessing
Will be a year of blessing
Will be a year of even stronger in the Lord
Will be a year of knowing relax… God is in control

Hopefully will be a year that filled with pictures also


Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Christmas Suprise...

After Christmas Eve Service, we were packing and making sure the cathedral and back to normal for Christmas Day service...

Out of sudden, he asked me, are you READY to receive your Christmas gift?

I thought, why am i have to be ready?

Then.. Tada...
I was breathless for awhile. And then i responded him, Wei.. Don't play with people ring la.. Give it back to people. Very expensive one ah...

He look at he with his normal speechless look and said, i won't play with this kind of things.
So... I happily received it and jumping home.. Looking at the ring and couldn't believe it and still breathless...
I was totally surprised and never expect anything from him this Christmas. I couldn't stop thanking God for a fiancée like him. The Lord has given me a great man.

The ring was engraved the date he asked me to marry him. 16.03.10 and it was given to me on Christmas Day. A bit weird but anyway, now I feel more than before that I am engaged.

** Shouting out…. I’m engaged with a diamond ring!!!! **

Christmas Season

This is what we have been practising and practising and practising while i have been stressing and stressing and stressing about.. The Christmas Eve Service presentation that called Christmas Canticles and a Christmas Day Service Presentation.
While we are preparing...
This is the real thing...All together, there are 10 songs... I have cheorograph about 8 songs...
This is Christmas Day presentation. It's a banner and ribbon kind of dance...

I really thank God that with His grace that is sufficient, we all have fun in the midst of madness and stress and they all did very well. It's my honor to dance with them as young as they are.

May we all put a smile on His face..

** All Glory Be To Him **

Blessed to give than to receive...

This year Christmas, I learn to give. Give something that is affordable and something that are from my heart. Only dancers, I have about 20 of them. So, really have to be something that is affordable.

Hopefully they find it lovely because I handmade them and it took me one month.

And some wishes from me...

Ta da....

** It is a joy to be able to give **

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!~~~

This year Christmas, I have him beside me. That is more than enough...

** Merry Christmas to all **

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jeremiah 31:3b

"I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness."

Jenny Liau, you must hold strong to this promise eventhough there are times you could not feel it.

** Everlasting love **

Friday, December 10, 2010


Oh Lord... I am stuck... Please come and help!!!

** Pray that i may find my way out **