Friday, June 15, 2012

Life as a wife

I’ve been married for a month plus now and I enjoy being a wife. Though there are certain differences that both of us need to adjust but at the same time, we are also learning to leave together as a couple, do things together and spend more time at home.

As a wife, the first requirement that I gave myself is to keep the house as clean and tidy as I can, so that I can have a standard for my family. Other than making sure that my house always feels like a home, I learn to cook different kind of dishes. I’ve been trying to find other recipe to try, searching for cook book, watched some short video clip about cooking in youtube and coming out a list of recipe that I wanted to try.

Other than settle our meals, I need to wash, iron, clean and fold cloth and every meal I am thinking what to prepare for the next meal so that I can plan ahead. So far, I am enjoying the role as a new wife and prayerfully, this enjoyment will stick with me for a long time.

** Being a wife **

Thursday, June 07, 2012

It is here...

The photos are finally here.... After a long wait... Some are from Australia, some are from KL... And some we are still waiting...

Stay tune for more to come...

** Photos **

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

We laugh a lot…

As I browse through some of the pictures, I found these pictures during our honeymoon. We laugh a lot in our trip and lots of beautiful memories flash back. I love to be married to him. We laugh a lot when we are together…
** Loved **

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The romantic getaway

After lots of headache and stress planning and a beautiful wedding, we flew off for a romantic getaway in Phuket, Thailand and spend some time in KL.

Day 1 - Just arrived and we walk around Patong area

Day 2 - We went to their town to get some cheap stuff

Day 3 - We tour around Phi Phi Island (famous island)

And some other island such as Kai Island

Day 4 - We changed to another hotel and went around the island for some sight seeing

A beautiful view for sunset

Day 5 - Another tour to James Bond Island and canoeing with going into the cave

The view there is so amazing... God is amazing...
And we end our days in Phuket with sunset and some beach walking

Meanwhile in KL, we have some rest, meeting up with some friends and eat food that we have been craving for.

** Planning for another romantic getaway next year **