Thursday, July 26, 2012

Golden Jubilee

It is such a joyous moment and our greatest privilege that we able to celebrate the 50th Anniversary for the Diocese of Sabah on last Tuesday, 24th July 2012. We’ve been planning this event since last year.

Our hearts are really joyful as we witness such a history moment in the Diocese in a young age of us now and be one of the committee in the planning team for this amazing event. I don’t think we able to witness the 100th Anniversary of the Diocese but as for now, we really thank God for what he has done in our life and how much he has blessed us that we able to participant in such a glories and joyous moment.

I am very much honoured and glad that I able to serve as one of the dancers to dance together with the 3 zone dancers, the BM, Chinese and English as the opening dance for the Celebration Dinner. We had lots of fun laughing during the practice. I will surely miss the moment. Able to learn from them and their humility heart, is just amazing.

We look forward for the future as the Diocese will build a House of Celebration and we had the ground breaking ceremony as a mark of faith for the whole Diocese. It will surely be another joyous moment when we able to see it with our own eyes how faithful God is in the past and how faithful God will be in our future as we sow for our next generation.

** To God be the Glory **

Friday, July 13, 2012


My husband said it is because that he is stubborn that we manage to get married. His reason is, because he is stubborn enough to not want anyone else but me even in his dream.  I thought for awhile…. that kinda make sense.

This day onward, when I got so frustrated of his stubbornness, I will remember this positive point. 

** Stubborn **

Friday, July 06, 2012

The greatest thing in life

I would said that one of the greatest thing in life is able to go home knowing that someone that I deeply love is at home and he is waiting for me to go home. With that in mind, going home is a joy and being with him brings the best out of me.

** Home **

Monday, July 02, 2012

A dream comes true – 5th May 2012

Walking down the aisle in a long and beautiful gown is every girl’s dream. The same goes to me.

I’ve been dreaming this day since I was 12 years old if I remember it correctly.

Start doing the research since I was 18 years old.

I am the typical girl that dream for a beautiful wedding, handsome and tall husband that loves God and loves me and we will have a beautiful family and a happy marriage.

The only difference between the real day and my dream is that, I have the face for my husband now.

In my dream, the groom face is not clear because I do not know who it is yet. Hehehe….

Everything is so simple.

My reception table is simple, my d├ęcor for the church is simple, my gown is simple and my makeup and hairdo is simple and nice.

It was truly a magical day for us.

Sealed with a magical kiss and beautiful song that sang by my husband.

Everything is so perfect for us.

We are grateful for friends and family that are there to witness and be happy together for us.

We grateful for two professional photographers who are also our friends able to capture every moment meaningfully and filled with God’s glory and honour…

We are amazed how amazing God works in this beautiful day, we are thankful how much He has blessed us and how awesome is He that the whole time, we able to feel his presence with us.
It was truly magical…

** May our magical day bring glory to Him **

Silence and Stillness before Him

De-clutter my heart, O God, until I am quiet enough to hear you speak out of silence. Help me in these few moments to stop, to listen, to wait, to be still, to allow your presence to envelop me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

** May i learn to slow down and quiet down **