Monday, October 07, 2013

I’m pregnant…

This is the very exciting chapter for us as we are opening a new chapter in our lives. To be honest, we didn’t expect this baby but we trust God that He has His prefect timing and we are really grateful for this precious gift.

Up to today, I am in week 12 and 6 days. Throughout the whole pregnancy, it wasn’t easy. We found out about this pregnancy in a very early stage and I feel very fine by then… Just feel like normal and eat like normal. When I reach week 6, goodness me… I started to feel nausea and hardly manage to get up from the bed. The only position that I am comfortable with is lying down position. I hardly eat… hardly do anything. Sometimes I feel sick.. sometimes I feel weak.. sometimes I just feel like lying down and do nothing. Of course, lying down and do nothing is very boring. But I am grateful that I didn’t vomit and I hope the whole nausea process is slowly drifting away. I counted my blessing every day because I heard some people feel even worse than me and he period last longer than me. When I told them about my ‘evening sickness’, many agree that I consider the blessed one.

So, I am grateful… and truly grateful.

This is me in week 11. Sometimes my tummy is bigger, sometimes is smaller and now, there are comments that say I still don’t look like pregnant.

This is my baby second photo where the baby is in week 11 and 2 days according the doctor's ultrasound calculation. The baby is only about 4cm but the baby is moving actively inside. When we saw that, we were so excited and just amazed with God's amazing gift and creation. We are grateful that we are part of His creation. Doctor said baby is healthy and strong. I think every mom will be very glad to hear that from the doctor.

 Till then, that's all from us. Will update you guys again...

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