Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God is good…

It is such a great joy when you work and you felt bored of it and a friend of yours got you coffee bean's coffee that right straight at your door steps. I feel so blessed with someone delivering great stuff like this to me when I am screaming for something different out of the routine work.So here it is… Yeah babe… Ice blended coffee stuff…

**I am blessed**

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When it only left scar

In certain path of life, you will look back and give thanks. Sometimes, you will stare at the scar and thought back a lot of things that had happen. When it only left scar, it means that it's been quite some time. You touch it, you won't feel pain anymore.

But when I'm being reminded of how the incident happened, I started to feel the same pain. When I see the same sign and reaction, I started to cry it out to God. A level of faith is being tested; a level of trust is a doubt. Where is my faith, I asked? Where is my trust? And yet, I stood quietly.

Many times I stood quietly in front of Him. Without a word, He knows how I felt. Sometimes I cried, sometimes I only wish He is here, just to be with Him to remind myself that He is always faithful, always loving. If one day, He tells me that He can remove my scar too, I will be glad to let Him do so. I pray that without this scar, I won't be as terrify as I used to be.

We all know that happiness is a choice. Sometimes when you have decided to be happy today it doesn't mean that you will end up happy also. Although you try so hard to lift yourself up again, but in certain times, we need more than ourselves to lift us up.

**When it only left scar**

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My best friend once told me that tears is a gift from God. God give us tears to express the feeling we have. Positive or negative thought, both can produce tears.

I have ones lost tears for certain period. No matter how sad am I, tears just seem can't to shed out. Not even one drop. As for now, tears seem like a little bit too much for me. I try to stop it from dropping down my cheek but it end up, even worst.

I do believe that tears are a gift from God because when you only have feelings and not a word, there is where tears will express the word.

Lord, count my tears because only you know my path, you know my pain.


Saturday, February 07, 2009

When you can't breath

In any organization or company that you worked in, people expectation is something that you can never run away with because we all have expectation on certain things. Some expectation will be higher… some will slightly lower just for the sake of don't wish to get disappointed feeling deeper.

Sometimes, we didn't even realize that our expectation for certain people are getting higher and higher until they cannot breathe. Today I have the opportunity to experience it again that when you walk out from a room, you felt difficult to breathe just because of certain people expectation on you is so high that you can't say a word or should I say, you don't even know what to say.

I guess I should learn to expect nothing from anyone. After all, we are only human. Everyone have their own reasons, have their own difficulties…. Why push someone into the pool of high expectation when they don't even know how to swim?

**High expectation kill soul slowly**

Friday, February 06, 2009

Let go, let God

Every early of the year, for sure that I will change the way my blog looks. This year, I would like to give brown a try. Recently, I am so in love with brown color. Still wondering why…

Though a bit late, mid of Feb is here but after the change, I just hope to have a refreshed look. i change the title as well from the previous one.

A preparation journey
*A journey that will mould me to prepare to be a faithful follower, a humble servant, a passionate lover, a supportive wife, a godly mother and a better person*

I think that my path will always be a preparation journey.

I have changed it to let go, let God. A very simple four word, let go, let God but I wonder, how far I could score if I want to put it into a test? For certain people letting go is like a piece of cake. As for me, I think I will need to take years to learn. I cannot deny that I am the kind that will hold on to someone overly tight, something too seriously. Maybe this new year, new chapter, God will lead me to see things differently when I learn to slowly loosen what I am holding on for ages.

This is it, new start, new year, new title, new path…

** Let go, let God**

Thursday, February 05, 2009

The dark sky

Sitting in the airport, watching the dark sky. Only have the thought that my feelings is the same with the weather. I guess this feeling that will appear every time I'm in the airport, heavy dark weather that about to rain. Going back to a place which i called it lonely land. Though not literally.... Never expect that this time leaving them is this heavy for me. All of the sudden, i wish i could stay. I guess that's my only wish right now.

**Heavy feeling**