Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Counting down: 40 days

In another 40 days, we shall enjoy these.... Can't wait for a romantic getaway and to have some really personal time together...

** 40 days **

Monday, March 26, 2012

My man...

Last night, I have the sweetest man with me. He helps with our décor…

I love his heart...

** The sexiest man **

Monday, March 19, 2012

How do you feel?

As I started to distribute our wedding invitation and I realize that many people ask me, “how do you feel?” I gave a very short and fast answer without thinking much, I said, “stress”. Some people will look at me and feel for me while some will give me the impression that, what for need to stress? Just enjoy… I find it a bit annoyed that people kept asking me that question but at the same time, I sit myself down and go into my emotions and ask myself, how do I feel as the date is nearer?

I think when Danny and I talked personally about the date is nearer, time is shorter, we feel very excited, happy, can’t wait and butterfly in the stomach because we went through a long way before this day is here. But when someone else asks me, I think I found it stressful because people around me are still giving suggestions and comments. Not that they are not good comments and suggestions but sometimes, I felt it is too much.

In this whole preparation, I realise that deep inside me, I just know that some friends when you ask them, they will help you with all their heart. Some will reject. Because I do not want to assume and I still asked nonetheless and at the end, it was what I expected. It is really hard for me to ask for favour because facing rejection is really not a very good feeling. With that, I rather do everything myself if I can than to ask for a favour.

Last night I have some time to spend at the Lo’s house while doing my DIY décor. Both Debra and Daniel wanted to help so much that they kept asking me, can they help. To not disappoint them, I taught them how to do it. They stood there, tried very hard and finally finished one and showed it to me and ask, “Jenny, very nice, right?” with full of confident. I said, yes… Very nice…

I was a bit reluctant to let them try in the beginning because I thought at the end of the day, I have to redo everything and that is even more time consuming but I was wrong. Both of them made it with all their heart and it is very nice. Because they are kids and their determine hearts are not as strong as adult, they help me to make 3 paper flower and they said, they are tired and they went off. But when they are doing it that time, I looked at them and thought; this is really nice that they try their very best to make the paper flower just to help us.

On my way home, I was reminded that God must be very pleased when we try our very best to do things for Him. At the end of the days, I think what matter most is our heart to Him.

** I get to see things that I don’t experience it every day **

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The 5th Year...

It has been 5 amazing years. This year will be the last year we celebrate being ‘in a relationship’ anniversary. Next year onward, we will celebrate the anniversary of our marriage.

The date is nearer and our hearts are pounding rapidly… Feeling so excited and nervous and stress at the same time.

But we are glad that we are together and it has been 5 beautiful years. It’s really by God’s grace that we are where we are today. Couldn’t thank Him enough for what God has for us.

** God willing, we will grow old together **

Monday, March 12, 2012


Sometimes out of no where, I wish that my best friend is with me... Sometimes, she will drives me crazy but most of the times, she help me to solve most of the things.

** I just miss her around **

Friday, March 09, 2012

Counting down: 56 days

I’ve been counting days since 2 weeks ago to make sure that I am doing
things progressively and making sure that I will be slimmer to my dream size.
As for today, we have another 56 days to go. Every day I deduct the days, I have all kinds of feeling. Excited, nervous, freaking out, happy, can’t wait…. But I want to thank God for his grace that things are progressing well. I got my gown but it’s too big… I didn’t react like I thought. I find myself more calm and peaceful knowing that eventually things will be alright nearer the time.

So, instead of freaking out, we try to find some solutions. With God at our side, both Danny and I know that everything will be alright because He is in control.

We also went for medical check up and doc said we are alright. Both of us are happy and we will have beautiful babies together…

With the grace of God, we just have to enjoy these 56 days more before we tie the knot.

** Fifty six days to go **

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sovereignty of God

Yesterday I watched this trailer movie title, ‘The Vow’ that based on a true story. In this movie, it’s about how a married couple keep their vow in front of God for each other even though the wife has lost her memory about her husband. The husband put extra effort to make the wife fall in love with him again.

As I wonder about the movie at the same time desperately wanted to watch, I am very amazed of God’s sovereignty. God can just take away our memory like that and when we do not have our memory, we are totally another person. With no past memories, the person has a new choice to choose who he/she wants to be, who his /her friend is and how he/she would like to live. But losing part of your memory does sound scary.

With pondering about that, I am again being reminded the sovereignty of God and how powerful and strong God is. We have a choice to choose things that we want, the path that we need to take, the one that we fall in love. There are something that we are not given a choice but to trust God’s sovereignty that He will give us the best and believe that He always love us.

Therefore, Jenny Liau, you must remember that the Lord said - For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

** God's Sovereignty **