Friday, May 17, 2013

Gianna Lim


As you all know that Grace Li is my one and only best friend... And last month, I manage to grab a few days leave to spent some quality time with her and her new born baby girl, Gianna Lim... She is so gorgeous and cute... Just before I meet Gianna personally, her mom send me her picture and I've already fall in love with her. When I meet her, she's just so adorable and I wish I can see her grow like I see Carmen and be in her life and she will grow up knowing that I'm her mom's best friend and I love her so much. 

That smile of her can just melt my heart straight away. When I hold her, she's smiling with me when I'm talking to her mom... That moment is just priceless... I think any parents will trade anything to just see their son or daughter smile.

The short 4 days going back to Sandakan and hanging around with her and Gianna is wonderful. I hope we will have more of that hangout in the coming future. 

** She's really cute **

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