Wednesday, February 27, 2008


All depends on what you believe, some other will say….

Yesterday as I walked myself home, suddenly the phase ‘love at first sight’ bump into me. As I was thinking… I never believe love at first sight. I think that will never happen to me and it is just stupid. I believe that love have to start with a man-to-man connection and not sight-to-sight connection. Well, that’s my point of view.

I guessed the root cause is believed. If you believe such a thing, miraculously, you will able to find the thing that you believe in. If you believe such an incident, it will happen. If you believe love at first sight, I guess the introduction of your love story should have something to do with love at first sight.

Rev Doc. Stephen Tong said before that, love at first sight, divorce at first fight. Well, this is debatable since it’s all up to our own perspective. As for me, I truly agree because human’s heart is never as simple as the appearance or maybe not as pretty as the appearance.

Again, it’s all about your believe system. Maybe this is all about the mind. That’s why most of the people will say that everything is in your mind. Maybe your fate is all in your mind too. It depends how you think about it. It depends you choose to think positive or negative.

The battle start within your mind…

** The battle of your mind**

Friday, February 22, 2008

I’m the happiest

Today I’m the luckiest and happiest girl in this world. Well, that’s what I feel right now. Although time flies, Chinese New Year just passed and my nose is leaking now, I still have the same feeling.

Why so? Because my room is cleaned by him which he seldom do it for me (my room is so clean that the place that I never clean before is now sparkling) and my lunch is ordered and delivered by him (which is something I wanted to eat so much and with the hot soup that can at least make me feel a bit comfortable with my not feeling well nose now).

Awww…. I feel so blessed and loved that I have to write this down. I’m the luckiest, I’m the happiest and I got the best man ever.

**I’m the luckiest**

Friday, February 15, 2008

I’m back

Coming back to the real life is always a tough thing for me. Emotion swings like crazy, every minute of my time I miss home like crazy and the worst thing is to come back to work. It’s not about I like my job or not but it’s about staying alone in a big city whereby I can only cry out to God when I’m down and I need someone to understand me.

When I reach my KL home, the first feeling… this place looks familiar. Even my eyes have to take some time to get used to what I am seeing. What more about my feelings? The same feeling when I step into my office.

I am a girl that feeling always comes first more than word. Most of the time, I don’t know what to say when there’s only tears I’ll shed.

Although I’m a bit down yesterday but I still manage to enjoy my Valentine Day with him. Never expect any surprises from him but he did something for me. I really enjoy last night to be with him although he is not feeling well and we only manage to grab dinner. What meaningful is not the value of the gift but the effort that he paid and the time that he spend with me.

Lastly, I’m happy to be back to be with him but I’m sad to leave my home again. I wish I could have both…

** I’m back**

Monday, February 04, 2008

Home sweet home

I’ve been back to my sweet hometown for past three days now. Life has been good and lazy. I can say that in these three days, what I’ve been doing is, eat, sleep and help my mom. Actually, eat and sleep is that most than helping her. Hahaha… It’s relaxing, it’s refreshing and it makes my lazy. When I lie down on the sofa, having a good and no worry rest, the feelings of being a teenager came back to me. Whereby there is no stress, no worries, and not much have to think how to survive and get myself money for food and necessities. I miss the time so much that all I worry about is just the matter of friends. Are they true friends or not? Will they betray me? Who is my dream man? When will I know that he is from God? That is all I will worry about as a teenager.

Kinda na├»ve? Hahaha… I am laughing myself inside. Right now, I worked my own food; life is not as easy as before. Every penny that we earn, with hard work and sweat.

The things that I see this time is so much better than the previous time I came back. Maybe I’ve grown older and many things, I understand deeper. I saw changes in my family; I saw my brother now is so much mature than last time. After all he's been through. My dad will open a topic and chat with us rather than we ask him 10 questions, he only answered ‘ya’ for all the questions. Mom is happy with her job coz she found someone that support her. Aunt loves the family with unconditional love and patients. She even spends time with God and read her bible and the daily devotion.

When I realize their changes, I give thanks to God. God answered my prayer. Other than quarreling small things at home, we all have fun together. Laughing around, joking around and fellowshipping together and have meaningful and memorable family time. Thank you Lord… This means much more than money that can give, love, joy and blessing from you.

** Home Sweet Home**