Friday, November 28, 2008

The previous weeks - Part 2

Talk about Ellel training, it is a good training. To put aside all the busy stuff, I personally learn a lot from there. The most impact topic that I learn is about healing the human spirit. Well, we have some topics such as bitterroot judgment and bitterroot expectation, ---

In this training, it again reminds me that everything is spiritual. Sometimes we thought that things are not there but things are there even though you believe it with all your heart that it is not there. Sometimes, things are not only about your mind. Rev Titus, one of the speaker repeated many times about ---- the devils is like a hungry lion that come

It really stirs up my spirit to pray more and find more time to be with Him. It sound scary and it is scary when we treat things lightly. On the first or two sessions, I do doubt about it but after the whole training I guess what they said are right. Sometimes, it's not only about the mind.

As for children worship conference, wow… this is really excited. We have about 300 ++ kids and in my workshop, I have about 60-70 kids. In the morning, we all are like so excited and full of energy to jump, play and entertain the kids. But in the late morning, most of the staff started to feel tired. It really put me into a consideration that I should get a child soon so that I can have the energy to play with my own son and daughter. They are so cute… Watching and hearing them praising the Lord really make our heart melt. I think it melt God's heart the most. Some are so small, some are so naughty, some are so shy coz when I said hi to them; they are just too shy to say hi back to me and some cannot stop running. Wow, indeed it is a tired conference but watching them learns how to dance and do action for God is just sweet and speechless. I guess I am blessed by them too.

** Enjoy**

The previous weeks - Part 1

It was a super busy weeks. Follow up with my previous post about Ellel training and the continuous Children worship conference the week after the training. In these two weeks, life is all about run faster than time. Before Ellel training, we rush for the preparation of it. Photocopy all the books/notes, binding them, name tag for all the candidate and settle up the accommodation things for them. I have to rush for clergy meeting and attend the meeting as well. Before that also have to rush for the ordination service and have to make sure things is ok. In Ellel training week, during break time, I will be rushing back to the office to work on certain things then back to training. Then do the same thing during lunch time. The whole training took the whole day and sometimes, I drop by the office at night just to settle some other things.

About this week, it is also about the same. Break time I went back to office for awhile except lunch time because not enough time for me to run to and back because the kids eat very fast and the lunch period is only half an hour. Well, most of my night I am working coz there are lots to do when you are not working in the morning and afternoon.

Life for these two weeks is all about running here and there holding my laptop. Work, eat, training, conference and sleep. I didn't even get to talk to him more on the phone coz I am really exhausted. My heart would like to do more but my body seems to refuse just because I am exhausted.

** Busy weeks**

Sunday, November 16, 2008


It's another night that I am working in the office. These few days I am rushing for lots of work… Coming clergy meeting, Ordination service, Ellel Training and Children Worship Conference. It’s tiring but I kinda enjoy. Enjoy the busy life and enjoy the time that is pack with stuff with a long 'need to do' list. Have I turn to be a workaholic? Hmmm… Interesting…

**Turn to be workaholic? **

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Children worship conference

We will be having a children worship conference soon and I am one of the trainers. I thought that this could be easy. Just help out this and that while the teacher in front trying to teach and I just stand behind trying to calm down those extra active kids and make sure that they did what the in front person says. Low and behold, I am the one that should be the person standing in front and teach and not supporting and helping behind. This is really scary. At first, I have no idea that I am the one standing in front to teach and I have no idea what to teach. The numbers of children coming in are higher and higher each day. Past few days, I received this email saying that 300++ people are joining and a few days later, the number increase from 300 to 400++. It’s getting scary and I got nervous trying to come out what to teach, what I want them to learn, what is dance and action doer and what is the purpose?

I guess when you are under pressure, you will sleep with it, eat with it, sit with it and everything you think is related to it. All over my mind was, what am I going to do? How to teach? When I ask the person in charge what to teach, she said, you are the expert. How come you asking me what to teach? Then I got think, ya… I mean, drum I don't know. Guitar I know half pale, piano is dreaming to learn but dance I guess I still can teach a bit with what I know.

Nowadays, other than thinking about the whole teaching kid's thing, I have to start to listen to kids songs, learn to communicate with them or maybe gain some of their interest in the things that I am going to teach them. Communicate with kids, wow… great challenge. Never ever thought that I will teach children in dancing but ya…

I think I am going to be crazy with them just to get their attention in what I am trying to plant in their life. Pray that this generation will have different point of view in dancing. With their gift, they will offer it back to God one day.
I guess I will learn a lot from them too after all. By teaching them, maybe they will teach me back how to worship God with who you really are. Faith like child…

** Freak me out**