Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last day of 2009

It has been a year of great challenge and breakthroughs, tears and joy, struggle and growth, patients and prayer. Overalls, it’s a great year to count my blessing and name them one by one.

Next year… Cut a shorter hair? Or keep it long? Curl it? Or let it be?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

All glory to Him

2nd year of Christmas in All Saints’ is exciting. First of all, all glory and honor be unto God as He has give me a creative choreograph that I able to teach the little dancers (5-11 years old) to perform their best on Christmas day. I didn’t manage to take photo because I’ve been running here and there making sure their costume is alright, everyone of them remembers the movement and they look good. Many people feedback that their dance is very nice and cute. All glory and praise be unto God.

Other than that, it’s also my joy to be able to serve with a great and humble dancer named Rachel Foon. She is a terrific dancer and she has a good heart. It’s really my pleasure to choreograph the dance with her for the Christmas Eve dance together with the three pretty Lo’s daughter. They are awesome. Able to adapt to the movement fast and they are so cute. Both of these dances have given me two months stress and tremendous time in practice. Thank God that it is all well performed and many people gave very good feedback. Again, all praise be to God. He deserves our best.
Christmas day has been a great day for me. Some people said that Christmas is about the joy of giving and sharing. Yesterday, I able to experience it. A dear friend of mine wanted to get the starbucks year planner so much and by the time she gets it, the smile on her face make us realize that the money we spent, is worth.At night, I have a great Christmas dinner and fellowship and playing Wii with the kids. Smile and laughter filled the whole day. I bought myself a pair of sandal for Christmas present. I also received a bible, a bag, a cup, a rabbit bank and chocolates as gift. Sure is a happy day…

** Be all glory unto Him **

Thursday, December 24, 2009

2nd year of Christmas in KK !!!

May we all find joy in this beautiful day.

** Merry Christmas **

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Giving thanks

Actually, to give thanks everyday is not an easy task. But I will always remind myself to give thanks when certain things break my heart after I been through some heart broken situation.

Yesterday, I get a very sad new and I cried after I heard it. Maybe for certain people, it doesn’t really matter because money can earn again but for me, it’s hard. I am not from a rich family and my parent has taught me to use money wisely. Whenever I see something that I love, many things will go through my mind. Questions such as worth or not, what it’s for, it’s a need or a want, when can I use this and it goes on.

But yesterday incident literally break my heart. I kept myself silent with tears dropping down.

In the few minutes of silent, I was amaze that I am counting my blessing and giving thanks. I give thanks that I able to experience the pain and the understanding. I give thanks that I understand that what matters is not the material but life. I give thanks that I able to see my own heart and I able to reflect myself with the situation that I am in.

In fact, it has strengthened me and reminded me again that money is not everything and God owns everything. He can give, he can take away. Will I still give thanks and trust Him? I found my answer.

It has deepened my trust in Him. Sometimes, things happen to inform us that actually, we are stronger than we think. God knows what we can take it but we don’t know.

** Stronger than you think **

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Why do people always find someone else to blame? Why? I really wish to know why. When things happen, it’s really easy just to point at so and so for not telling. So and so for not doing, so and so has not planned it earlier. And that so and so will try to defend because everyone play a role to make things work.

In the busiest months of the year, quarrel, blame, misunderstood and miscommunication are the things that can never be avoid. If so and so keep himself/herself silent, people will still stood and point and because so and so has not been explaining. Not explaining doesn’t mean so and so have to be blame or taking the blame. Sometimes, people stood silent only trying to make things less complicated and trying to solve more than complicated it.

Communication is two way street. The same goes to working with one another. How could you assume and when things got wrong, blaming for not telling, not planning, not knowing is always the first things that come out.

Being the leader is always the toughest. When certain unexpected things happen, the leader is the first one that should answer all the questions and explanation. The first one to blame, the last one to be appreciated. This is life I guess…

May God have mercy

** Blame **

Friday, December 11, 2009


December is the busiest month for us. With a pack Christmas schedule, I find myself having difficulties to have a relaxing day to blog about it. When I do, I wonder where to start. Not even reach half way of this writing, I have to leave my laptop behind and meet with someone else just before I forget something else.

Well, I guess this can give a clear picture of my past few weeks. After the refreshing and beautiful trip on Oct 09, coming back with a pack schedule with clergy meeting, standing committee meeting, ordination, confirmation service, haggai training continue with children worship conference, youth camp and coming children Christmas, youth Christmas, Christmas Eve service and Christmas day presentation and then follow with clergy retreat.

That’s my past few weeks and my future few weeks.

Till then… Merry Christmas

** December - the busiest month of the year **