Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Thank you!!~~

Yesterday was my birthday. Hmm… how do I feel? I feel old because one year older. The day before my birthday arrive, I celebrated it with my boyfriend. After exam in the afternoon, we went to KL to search for his guitar and then we went home and prepare for my birthday eve dinner with him in Wind Mill. The dinner was great. I took salmon fish with beef steak and serve with vegetable and fries. Weng took salmon fish with lamb steak and serve with vegetable and fries too.

After the fabulous dinner, we went for a movie. That was a great movie. The movie title is, Eight Below. This is a true story and I did learn something from the moral of the story. It is a wonderful movie. I like it.

After that, we went home and the next day, my birthday. My colleague did help me to celebrate. One of the head of department treat us KFC and my colleague bought me a cheese marble cake. It was a delicious cake. At night, I went to church to practice like I normally did. Before we left the church, my housemate plan a surprise party for me with a cake while my cell leader prepare some jelly. t was a surprise because I didn’t really expect one from them. But I feel so thankful and grateful for them. I got a chocolate bitter cake... Don't really know the name of that cake, but it is a pretty cake.

I was trying to cut the cake but because my skills are limited, i decided to let someone else did that for me. I am so thankful for my dear housemate, she is a wonderful girl. For those the whole team, thank you for participating and singing me the birthday song. Thank you for those who remember my birthday. Although only one sms and can’t really meet you guys but that can make my day alright. Thank you Lord for he is good. My cake do look nice.

The Lord is always good. Trying to show me that there are people who care a lot for me and people that love and accept me for who am I. Although my journey might be tough but the Lord shows me that I’ll never be alone. Although I always complain to God that I am so lonely but He show me that He can send people around me just to make my day brighter and to continue to trust Him so that I can continue and be stronger.

Well, this is my day, my 22nd year old birthday. A day that was normal but it did mean a lot. Happy Birthday Me, for the Lord is with me…..

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cry no more, Jump higher...

Last night I learned a wonderful thing from this Easter sermon. The title of it is why you cry?

Pastor use the passage in Gospel of John 20:10-18. This passage shows that Mary Magdalene cried when the body of Christ is not in the tomb. In fact, she shouldn’t cry because she has meet Jesus and He was resurrected. The Lord is Risen... Hallelujah!~~

From this sermon, I got to learn many things. What pastor said, is really the fact. Sometimes, we cry a lot. We cry for no reason, we cry for wrong reason, we just want to cry. Crying is actually a good realize way because through cry, we can set free. But sometimes, we just want to cry and don’t want to stand up again.

The sermon was really a good sermon that pierced into every believe heart. Why we need to cry for our trouble since that Jesus has resurrected? Why we need to cry when Jesus is with us? What else more we need if we already have Jesus? We should stop crying, stand up and move on with our life. To continue to have faith in God, trust Him and give our entire burden to Him for He had risen. We shouldn’t live everyday in our daily life like “Good Friday” never ends. We wept and wept for the all the suffering, all the injustice, all the “Good Friday”.

Sometimes in life, we get use to it no matter faithful believer or new believer. We share our burden; the whole cell group share theirs burden and cause the whole atmosphere went down because we are living in a wicked world. We forgot that the Lord had risen and we have won. We are victorious that we should face everyday as a challenge, learn from our burden and trial to give thanks to God, to learn to be stronger as day pass by, to celebrate as Christ is Risen, our fear no longer are with us. In fact, we should jump around to celebrate and tell the world, that the Lord is Risen. He is Risen from death and we won this war.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

I don’t worth it

Yes indeed, I don’t worth it that Christ dies for me, neither anyone of us worth that. But because of God’s grace, from nobody, we turn ourselves into somebody.

Somebody that matters a lot to God
Somebody that God love a lot
Somebody that we ourselves never expected it
Somebody that no one can step us down
Somebody that are useless become useful
Somebody that has nothing become have everything
Somebody that is special
Somebody that can Glorify God

As I thought about this whole sacrificed thing, I started to wonder why? Wonder why God love us so much, since we are just a terrible sinner? Wonder why Christ chooses this way? Wonder what will happen if we don’t have Good Friday? Wonder how my life will be without Him? Wonder what this world could be if Jesus never chooses to die for us.

As I wonder more, I started to give thanks more. A word thank you can never mean more than that. God is a truly loving, kindness and merciful God, God that gives second chances. Lord, we thank you for your grace. We don’t worth it, but because Jesus dies on the cross for us, we had won the victory. May your name be Praise, May all honor belongs to you.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

God is Good~

Time just flies away like that and in one more weeks plus I’ll be having my repeated exams.

It’s been a week didn’t drop down anything to my blog. Well, think that my time is not enough and I don’t really know what to write here. I learn a lot of things this past week. I learn how to face the fact, accept it, forgive, and forget. I learn how merciful, awesome, majestic, and powerful our God is. Most of all, I see how much God love me.

All these while were praying to God that saying I want to feel His love for me. Forgot to pray specifically and end up God show me different thing that out of my expectation. From my previous title, get to know how pain love is. And that is how pain God love me. It’s hard to accept that God love us so much and unconditionally because after all, I don’t worth it. But God remind me that, I means more than anything to Him that He willing to let His son die on the cross for us. Only one word that I can say, Thank You but I need a deeper word than just a Thank You.

Well, after all these crying, worrying and frustrating, it’s again for me to stand up and face reality that I have to take up this faith and trust God in my coming exam. Although stress will still bang on me suddenly, but still able to handle that, still seems to be so impossible, but I choose to make it possible. For with God, all things are possible. Lord, guide me as I Pray. Amen.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Love is pain!

Love… what is love? Every one of us desperate for love and seek for love, like it or not, we have to admit that we need love and we long for that feeling because God made us to long for His love.

Every drama series, movie and even story behind the real life of celebrity got something to do with love. Even though we know the television show is repeating the same thing about love, and yet we will feel glad to sit there with our pop corn and watch that movie.

As I go though my every day life, life seems to be tiring. As you grow older, and your knowledge become wider, there are things you wish you will never know and wish that things will be just like what it is before.

Why I said love is pain because this few days, I really get to understand that love is so pain. Our heavenly Father love for us is pain, our parents love for us is pain, our friends love for us is pain and our partner love for us is pain.

I am in pain and continue to bear this; I have to pay a cost that I couldn’t imagine. It is hard to learn to love like God standard but I will never give up.