Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenny!

When age started to get bigger and bigger, different people will start to react differently. This year, I have this feeling of trying not to let people know that my birthday is today. Especially in a big group of people. I just feel weird… Maybe as I grow older, celebrating birthday is no longer a request. Normal routine still has to be on. Have to work, have to eat, have to sleep and nothing so special about it. The specialty of this day should be some close friends around and just a simple lunch or dinner. That is good enough. To have a few close friends to sit around and enjoy the fellowship is really something that is so hard to do because everyone has their own schedule and to make up one day for that fellowship, will always be someday special for someone. That is birthday.

Well, today I didn’t get that but I am happy too. Many people greet me Happy Birthday and indeed, I have a great and happy day. I have a great birthday gift from him and I love it because it’s priceless. I have a great breakfast fellowship with my mentoring leader. Although just a short one but it’s good enough. I have a great and expensive lunch with my ex-colleague and we enjoy the fellowship. I have a great night in the youth because they surprise me with closing all the lights and out of the blue my picture is on the screen when I thought we have a video clip to promote on something else and the cake came in and they sang Happy Birthday. Although I feel weird but I am grateful for what they have prepare. This is it… another year has past and I am one year bigger.

** Happy birthday Jenny **

Last day of 24th

I spend it in the dark for an hour and half because out of electricity. Wow… New stuff… I never spend my last few minutes/hours in a dark before I reach 25th.

** Interesting… **

Friday, April 24, 2009

I’m happy today

Today, I woke up by a dear old friend of mine which he didn’t called me for months
Today, I got my first 25th years old birthday present that is a chocolate… love it, love it so much and I am very happy when I got it
Today, I also got my second present which I never expected to get any gift this year from 3 dear colleagues
Today, I learn that suffering is to prepare you for a bigger task. Suffering is good
Today, I feel something that I have no been feeling for quite some time
Today, I’m happy…

Never expect anything from anyone because I only expect some simple greetings and that will be it. God is always good… Out of no expectation, you might get some surprise. In fact, expect less… happier I will be….

** I’m happy **

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have lost count of how many times that I felt this feeling.
When I expect, I get disappointed….
Then I try my best not to expect, I felt the same… So what’s the difference?

I even learn not to trust just to save myself from it…

Man may fail me, but God never…


Monday, April 20, 2009

I have fun

I have a great day last night… First of all it because we seldom have English Zone Staff gathering and also I seldom can see the other fun side of those serious people that I worked with. Last night I have fun and it felt like ages I never laugh like what I laughed last night. The ice breaker was very simple and yet we all laugh aloud. It’s a beautiful moment when you can only heard laughter all around you. Even though it’s only for a short period, but that moment can refresh me for quite some time.

After last night, today I had fun too. Today I have the opportunity to face my nightmare. Even though I didn’t manage to rid of it but I get other things which I learned. I learned that it’s a journey. Again it remind me that sometimes, it’s not the result that matter but the process I go though will able to bring my personal relationship with Him into another level.

So ya… I learn to have fun again.

** Refreshed **

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I have new dream now!

As i was trying to search something online, i found something else. Something interesting and insanely beautiful...Wow...

If i got this kind of cake, i really don't know what to say. I guess i will not eat also coz it's just too nice. Now i have new dream...


Friday, April 17, 2009


One picture can speak a thousands word... Wow... Paris...I wish... I wish....


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lord, hear my cry….

Lord, hear my cry…. When I can only find comfort in You
Lord, hear my cry…. When I can only find back the feeling of love from You
Lord, hear my cry…. When I have no words but tears
Lord, hear my cry…. When I need no one else but You
Lord, hear my cry…. The one that ones a strong person
Lord, hear my cry…. The one that ones a positive and happy person
Lord, hear my cry…. The one that ones found favors in your eyes
Lord, hear my cry…. Because you are my God, my stronghold, my shelter and my refuge

** Lord hear my cry…**

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday - Day off

Yesterday was my day off which I look forward so much because I have been working two weeks in a roll without having break. As I look forward to it, of course I will also plan for it. Get myself enough rest, wake up and study Theophostic, watch one movie and work on some of the stuff. Well, everything has planned but it doesn’t go according to my plan. I end up having enough rest and shopping in One Borneo.

So, I went One Borneo with my dear housemate. Basically is to accompany her and we have a lot of fun. We saw the mushroom decoration…
And I found a cheese burger phone
And a cheese burger saving tankWeird? But I think it’s interesting…

Last but not least, I bought three pairs of shoes… Ta da… With two pairs of Vincci and one pair of Chales and Keith for only RM138 for three? Cheap, nice and reasonable? I think so… God is always good. He answers prayer… Yeah… I forgot how nice it feel to shop... It's like ages i didn't go shopping and buying pretty and reasonable price thing is so fun.

** God is always good **

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Currently I have grown round… Period? Or too many rich? Hmm…
Currently I lost my interest in Heroes Season 3
Currently I didn’t sleep well
Currently I am interested in Germany
Currently I am so into blogging and making my blog pretty and fun to browse
Currently I am thinking should take more pictures with him when we are together
Currently I have a serious thought of getting myself 1000 piece of puzzle
Currently I get flu fast
Currently I am having short term plans
Currently I like to eat
Currently I am so keen into handmade things.. Craft?Will you look at that… isn’t it lovely? Well, looking and doing is totally different things


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Today is a miracle…

Why? Because today I ate lunch with Pei San. Hahaha… and she bought me Starbucks. Miracle? I think so…

** Glad that we can have some fellowship**

I need new shoes

I seriously need to shop for some new shoes. New working shoes... Comfortable, nice, long lasting and cheap...Okla, not cheap la.. at least reasonable and worthwhile price.

Go online and search the type that i think i will look nice on it and here it is....

Hmm... Should go shopping. I miss shopping with some of my dear friends back in KL. We always have lots of fun shopping together. And i miss KL. I totally know where to get great shoes and reasonable shoes in KL. As in KK... hmm... i'm not so sure.

**I need shoes**

Monday, April 06, 2009

Last Saturday…

I have this mood to make an origami box… So, I tried it out;
This is the reference
Manage to get the box
And the cover
Tada…. Finish!
But low and behold, the cover is too big…HeheAfter two hour sleep, I try again and I did it. So happy….
** Yeah **

Friday, April 03, 2009


Serving in youth ministry reflected a lot of my own youth time. When I was still in my teenager time, problem will always be friends cannot be trusted, to find a true friend is so hard, you thought she/he is a very good friend of yours but never know that they are the one that stab behind your back, boys and girls relationship, I was in love with this guy but he love another girl, or this girl is trying to seduce another guy, gossip is flying around, rumors about who and who is all over the place. Hahaha… when I reflect on it, I can only laugh at myself. Laugh because it was fun. To have all those memories, it builds me to who I am today. True friend is always hard to find, well….. No one can deny that. Some people would rather give up the chances of looking for one just because they fed up with their previous experience. It is just too heartbroken to again give your heart to someone that doesn’t know how to handle a fragile heart.

Nick Vujicic said that everyone craving for two things in their life that are longing for someone to love and someone to tell them everything will be ok. When I heard that, I totally agreed. Everyone desired someone to love them in return and hunger someone to tell them things will be ok when they themselves cannot convince themselves that it will be ok.

I guess things WILL be ok after all the “happening” in our teenager life. When you look back, it’s not that big deal after all and there are things you can laugh about because it’s part of your journey, it’s part of a growing period and one day, we all will be grateful of what God has in us because He always hold our future, always in control.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Coffee break

Sometimes it’s just good to stick around having coffee break and read some blog and suft some stuff that I like although work still lots, paper still all around my table and files are getting higher and higher in my room. So, ya… I am having my coffee break, trying to find something that I like, something that can inspire me again and can motivate me to continue to move forward with joy and strength from Him.

Guess what I found, inspired and motivated.

And … tada…Muahahaha… look at it already make me so happy. I like stuff that looks bigger than normal size. If only I can get a giant chocolate, then I will be the happiest lady in town.

Pictures that we took together while he is here…

Till then... Miss him much...

** End of Coffee Break – back to work **