Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Cell Group

It is also my commitment and my close friend, a gang of friends where I can share my joy, my burden, my sorrow and my tears with them. I’ve been in this cell group for almost 4 years plus and we are really like family. Everyone in this cell group shares their life, share how God bless them, how God take care of them and how God change their life. It’s such a joy when we play around, gather together in some place and have fun together.

Last Friday, we have an ice-breaker just like usual before we start the praise and worship. The game that we played was quite simple but the punishment was cool. The one that lose have to act the most terrible face when he/she die. And this is the picture. It’s cute and everyone laugh until we all get stomach pain. The ice was totally broke by all the laughter.

This cell group of mine really guides me through pain and suffering. When I've go through it, they will rejoice it with all their heart. People said, true friends are difficult to find, and that is true. Nevertheless, because of God’s grace, I am blessed with kind and sincere friends beside me to encourage, to support, to love and to accept who we are. People come and go, but true friends leave foot print in our heart. Although many members of us have left us and continue their life in other places, but we will always be friends. For true friends keep in our heart. Life is great with friends, but life is even greater with God.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

At last....

I can sit down and spend some time to blog. I’ve been busying for the whole week but when you ask me, what am I busying, I just couldn’t think of. Maybe… busying accompanies my friends, chatting, watching movie, and so on.

First thing first, I would like to greet a dear friend of mine Happy Belated Birthday. May her wish come true and continue to be faithful in the journey to God’s Kingdom. Her birthday was actually felt on the 17th of June, last Saturday and I couldn’t be with her that day. In return, our cell group celebrates her birthday on 16th of June midnight to give her a surprise. She was shock and she looks cute when she got shock. Hahahaha.

This dear friend of mine, she is actually a good friend of a best friend of mine. They get to know each other in a University called Lim Kok Wing. She is an emotion girl but this girl, also a kind girl with a pretty face and matures thinking. It’s fun to be a friend of hers to share our joy and sorrow. After all, it’s a blessing from above.

Last weekend, I spent my days going to a so called “company trip” that organized by my lady boss. I don’t really have much fun there because it sort of like a forcing trip. Not to say force in such a bad word. Let me search my thesaurus to find a better word. Maybe I should use the word not so willing to go trip. It is still fun but if I go with someone else, it will be more excited. I learn to see God’s creation and it really amazed me.

Early morning on that Sunday, I woke up 7 am and to prepare myself to have a walk and chat with God meanwhile I took some picture. I joke with God saying that, Wah… God, you are really great. Such an ugly tree you also could create…. I laugh myself (with a sound of clapping hand in my heart to feel impress).

Every good and bad, pretty and ugly, no matter it’s a tree or a circumstances, there is a reason. So, I took the picture of this ugly tree and post it here. On the same day I came back from Cameron because the journey is long, I have a long chat with my colleague. We start to have different agreement with our belief system but we do respect each other believe. Then I started to think, he said that I am stubborn and I admit that I am in certain area. I told him that in negative way, I am stubborn but in positive way, I choose to hold on to my principle.

It’s quite true some times that we should hold on to our own thinking and principle some times than letting other people to change our mind set. I believe that, if we able to hold strong to ours believes, then we able to lift God up high. After all, we just want to impact peoples life and to show them that we are different and we have hope.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

15.06.2006 (Thursday)

I will remember this day so much because this is the day that I start to see things that I don’t use to understand last time and it became clearer, a prayer that I’ve been praying for 2 years have been answered by God. My heart is felt with joy and mixture feeling.

God has blessed me with a new hand phone. The model of the phone is Z520i and that is a beautiful mobile. I like it so much and I felt so blessed because God really have his ways and he is indeed a God that hear our prayer and know our needs. Last time, I pray to God that saying I really need a mobile phone because all these while, the phone that I am using doesn’t belong to me. I wish to have a mobile that belong to me and my requirement are so low. I told God that I don’t need any mp3 player, camera, or special features but it able to let me do my sms and calling will do.

God knows our need and he blesses me out of my expectation. God is a good God. Again, it reminds me that God is a faithful God for He is my provider, my Lord and my all.

In additional, my best girlfriend has came back from Australia for holiday. Although she pass by here only for 6 days and we spend not much time with each other, but every time we are together, trying to update each other with the latest information, we do spent quality time together and it bring us closer again to each other.

For four month about the lesson of letting go, it is still tough and I’m learning. She shared what she has learn in a different culture country and I share what I’ve learn while she wasn’t by my side. It’s good that we have a wonderful time together, to talk, to nag, to listen and to be with one another. Ya, it’s true, seasons have been change but the loves remain the same for God is in the centre of us. It reminds me again, I am so blesses and I am such a blessed girl.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Stubborn could destroy our life?

Hmmm… It’s been another two weeks that I didn’t update my blog. Thinking so much that what should I put in my blog everyday and at last, I got something to post today. this past two weeks, I keep on wondering around what should I write about and everything seems to be calm and steady. Maybe I run out of idea because my focus is in watching drama series. Hmm… this could be the reason too…

Anyway, life is great and life is a gift. Life should be great isn’t it? But why some people just couldn’t enjoy life while they seem to have everything? These two weeks, my days are just like a routine for me. Everyday I wake up, is a new day, I Thank God for this new day and the routine start with going to work, came back from work, trying to find myself some entertainment and that’s it, another new day will be coming right after that. A lot of them out there will think that what is the meaning of life? Is it only live, get old, sick and die? I’ll always say that everything comes with good and bad, so do life, characters and behavior.

Some of people surround me; they lost half century of their time and opportunity in their life just because of one word, stubborn. Or could I say weakness? I do agree with the idea of some of our weakness can turn into our strength and it could go the other way round too. But if we are not smart enough, thing will remain the same no matter how we try to twice it up.

Just because they are stubborn, some of them are not marrying yet even though the age has reach 40 ++. I was wondering, is that worth? Because of your stubbornness or you stand too strong in your point of view that you have to end up alone when your age are getting higher and higher each year. Sometimes, when these kinds of issue appear, as a ordinary human being, we will try to blame other people. Blame God, blame people, and blame anything that they could blame of. It’s everyone fault and but not his/her fault.

Yes, it’s hard for us to humble down and to admit that when we have fault but if we never put down ourselves, we will never learn how wonderful life it is. Every now and then, we just hold things too tight. If we can just let go a bit, to surrender it to God, it will be another picture that we never expect it. There are so much more out there, then why don’t we let go some of our principle life, put down ourselves? We could see a clearer picture.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Anniversary~

It’s another year for us to celebrate our time of being together for 7 years. 7 years, for some people it is a long years as for me, I think it’s my 7 years of joy, of growing up, understanding, trust, love and a lot more. We’ve been through, every season together. A season that we suffer when we have to wake up 5 something in the morning to catch the earliest bus, the season of missing each other when we are depart from each other, a season that both of us face financially crisis on how we help one another in order to continue to survive and all kinds of seasons in life.

When time tick every minute, the more we understand the meaning of being together. Sometimes, we do take things lightly and we forgot about how important our relationship is. We start to have our own busy and our own things to play with. Relationship could go down and the feeling could just fly away when couple takes things for granted.

As I celebrate our 7th year anniversary today, something bring to my mind that, what make it so special about this day? Every year the same, same person to celebrate with, same day and even same activities that is just go out and have a little bit more expensive dinner compare to normal days. Presents and surprises are no longer exist, romance are even further. Then, what is the meaning of celebrating it again?

When two people from different background, different lifestyle and different culture get to know one another is really a gift from God. The world is so big, and yet we still able to become friends and from friends we further our relationship to best friends and now we are couple. It’s a gift from God; it’s our fate that draws each other together. We able to share our personal thing, our life and our heart. To have the same feeling of love for one another, to go through the journey of life together, to share each other burden, to help when one is fall is a miracle. I pray that when my anniversary comes every year, I could celebrate it with full of excitement and a heart of thanksgiving for what I have. I pray that I won’t be a vase for him and he won’t be my photo fame. Lord, although it’s been 7 years, but You are faithful, guide us and help us to love each other deeper when a new day come again.