Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lord, have mercy….

One fine day…

A colleague walks into my room and we started to discuss on work. Out of no where, I asked her a question. Who is the hardest guy/gal that you have ever worked with?

She thinks for a while and replied;
Well… No one.. By God’s grace, everyone is quite easy to work with. The most difficult one to work with is I, myself.

I totally agreed… Sometimes, not other people that caused me problem in working together but it’s myself that stopping me from it.

Many times in life, we all know what need to do, what we should do, how should we do it and why we must do it. But how many people will really do what they know they should do and do what they need to do? Knowing what need to do and doesn’t apply to what you should be doing equals to not knowing it at all.

** Lord, have mercy… **

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Healthy Week

It’s a healthy week for me this week while I continue to try to reduce the roundness of me.

** May God gives wisdom... **

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some people write to inspired

I love to read people’s blog. Some people will write their blog differently while others are writing their blog just like a daily routine thing about what they wear, where they go, what they eat and what happen on that day. I seldom read those kinds of blog but I do read also.

I realize that from the day I started to write blog, I started also to enjoy reading two or three blog of my friends. They share their journey and sometimes, it inspired me to think more than what eyes can read.

All the while, I’ve been following a blog of a friend. It’s really amazed that I started to read while he just started to work in the society to he started to change job and he change another job again. Then he planed his wedding, on his wedding, after his wedding, change job again and now into different chapter of life- being a father.

Reading his blog inspire me in many different ways. Need not many pictures or colors.

** Just a few line of word, will do **

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today, a dear friend of mine gave me this out of sudden…

My first reaction is… Aw.. Where you get that and who gave that to you? I’m happy for her because someone gave her such a huge chocolate bar.

Low and behold, she said, this is for you. I bought this for you. I was so happy… and jumped like a kids in 5 years old and I give her a big hug. Thought back about my reaction, I was a bit embarrassed of my reaction in front of all my kids while I am teaching them tambourine. It’s like I am about their age. Haha…

Anyhow, the blessings made my day. Not only this but before that, another friend gave me another pack of chocolate as well.

Today I am so blessed. I thank God for a great day and He knows how to make me smile. If someone said God is not a good God, I will never believe that because with He always knows how to put a smile on my face when I need it the most.

** He put a smile on my face**

Saturday, July 18, 2009

God my provider

This month has been a tight month for me because of overused what I have budgeted. But God is always good. He provides my need. Mom sends a pack of food here and it’s more than enough for this month. While unpacking the stuff, grateful I thank God for a great Mom and for His love. God is always faithful. Thank Him for great parents, caring family.

And... I got Mango from Mom...Yeah!!!

** Family is the best **

Sunday, July 12, 2009


When my world was in darkness
You spoke Your Word, Night turned into day
Your beauty filled this place
When my world stood in silence,
You filled my heart, with songs that never end
Forever I will praise

Pre Chorus:
To think that the universe
Could not withhold Your Glory
You choose to live in me, I’m so amazed

And I worship You, Lord, My life in You restored
Here is my heart, Make it Your sanctuary
For nobody else but Jesus only You

You are faithful and true, glorious Lord
All my life, it is You I adore
You’ve touched my soul, Completed my world
I surrender to You

When this song was sung, I stood before Him with tears running down my cheek. I am really amazed, really grateful that I have no word to express but feelings and tears. I am amazed that He has chosen me. I am amazed that He loves me with tremendous love that I have no word but tears.

I always tell Him that I couldn’t feel His love… I couldn’t walk on without His love. I don’t know how to love without His love. Through this song, there are only tears that fall.

God loves me with an everlasting love that no word can describe. I am grateful…

** A simple song yet I felt it deep inside me **

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy to be back

Another alpha, another Friday and another weekend are coming. Times flies super fast and the three days holiday pass just like that. I enjoy every moment that I have there in that place and I am happy to be back here as well.

I always miss him very much when I step down to KK but this time, it’s different. I still miss him just that this time, I can see our future clearer with faith. Separation is just for awhile and I am excited of what we will go through together again and learn together again.

** Excited for our future **

Monday, July 06, 2009


Yeah, i am very excited. I got holidays. Though it's only 3 days, but i look forward to this day so much. Very excited about it.... It's been 6 months plus that i didn't go KL since my last visit there. Can't wait to eat things that i've been hunger about and most important, i got to see him... and my church... and my friends.

Check list;
1. Room clean - check
2. Work - check
3. Small surprise for him - check

4. Jdude - check

5. Packing - check

Yup, can go now....

** Very Excited **

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Finally…. I have finished my minutes writing that I get all stress up for three days. At last… it is finish. Let’s celebrate…

While I am doing the minutes, I found many interesting things include the below links. Maybe someone will be blessed by their nice website and pictures.

But too bad that I think they stop updating the blog. It’s only up to March 2009.

**Thank God for His sufficient grace to finish the minutes on time**

Friday, July 03, 2009

Day dreaming

Writing only minutes of meeting for two days will really caused people to vomit. Why said so? Coz I hate to write minutes.

In our work life or study life, like it all not, there will be one or more tasks or subject you will hate it a lot. Last time while I was studying, I had a few subjects that I hate and when I am working now, the most dislike task that I have, is to write a long minutes of meeting that held one whole night and the next morning.

To keep the writing part interesting, I opened what I have recorded during the meeting and listen to it, while dreaming… Hehe… Yup, day dreaming is one of my release stress skill.

Low and behold, I found this;What I dreamed about? That is up to you now… One picture speaks a thousand word.

** This is just nice! **

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Busy = Messy office?

Many people will come into my office with one expression or a few lines of word,

Aiyo... you should tidy up your room….

Life has been pretty busy. When I step into my room with my laptop is on, how do my surrounding looks like actually don't really matter anymore. With this kind of mess, some people will called it, ‘organize in the midst of mess’. As long as I still manage to find my things, I am ok with it.

With work like mountain and time pass like rocket, it's really hard to have the mood in cleaning and tidying up my office. To be very honest, my office will tell how busy I am. After a year of getting difference comments, I cleaned it last week.

A photo of before and after to show some different;

Thought it’s not that tidy up to my standard, but it’s better than nothing. At least I also feel better going back to office and work now. Hehe..

**Busy = messy office? **